Sunday, 30 March 2014

24 March to 30 March 2014


Rheumatism sufferers sought relief inside a whale

Beaked whale sets new mammalian dive record

U.N. to issue ruling on Japan whale hunts Monday

Giant inflatable whale too 'religious' for London park

Seven-metre long whale found stranded in Hung Shek Mun

Tamisiocaris fossil found in Greenland reveals bizarre new species ...

Whale sighted off Port Beach, Cottesloe this morning

Whale noise may hamper the search for missing Malaysia Airlines ...

Should California make Sea World's killer whale shows illegal?

Secret Santa Cruz fossil site reveals new whale species

Whale's bacterial stowaways reveal how stressed it is

False Killer Whales Caught 'Talking' To Camera

2 pygmy sperm whales killed by dynamite fishing in Siargao

Family capture rare close up footage of killer whale hunt

Beaked whale within 20m of Perth beach shores

Whale to be recovered for $75K exhibit

Whale's jaw displayed on Teesside

Dolphin whistle instantly translated by computer

Ukraine crisis: Crimea's dolphin army to be taken over by Putin

Baby white dolphin catches eyes in Charleston Harbor

Auckland Rally Against 2014 Dolphin Hunting Season

Orca incident may bring prosecutions

Orca sightings a sign the population is healthy and growing, says ...

Miami Seaquarium Orca Lolita Close to Freedom

Stranded baby orca returned to pod

Seaquarium sold to Spanish company

Dolphin discovered on Lime Kiln waterfront; cause of death ...


The orcas show had an unusual offseason in the South


Dolphins can detect mines, set off bombs, attack divers ...


Yumigahama the coast of Tottori) Sakaiminato The whalewashed ashore

Japan's first! Dolphin show co-star of the dream of the sea lion can be seen the start

Finless porpoises birth Diary vol.24 ( finless porpoises naming ceremo


March hail giant whale strandings suspect ominous

French satellite shooting area found 15 meters long whalecarcasses (Figure)

Secret 520 million years ago, a whale ancestor with sea water filtration facial appendage

Japan again to catch whales excuses: to provide meat for the Muslims

Whales beached on the shore Plover Cove

Jiujiang, Jiangxi unheated now porpoise corpses suspected to be lethal ship propeller hit

Sunday, 23 March 2014

17 March to 23 March 2014


SeaWorld turns 50 amid pressure to end killer-whale shows

Killer Whales Attack Sea Lions Near Prince Rupert

Whale 'Flies' Towards Boat In Incredible Picture Snapped In Maui

Sea Shepherd ship in Wellington after tenth whale defence campaign

Japanese retailer Rakuten slammed over ivory, whale meat sales

1m people sign petition to ban SeaWorld's 'whaleimprisonment'

Right whale watching is favorite Provincetown pastime

Whale Watch Week nears

Washed up whale a big find for scientists

Jawbone of whale beached at Redcar is to go on display in the ...

Oregon Coast Crew Responds to Dead Whale on Washington Beach

Iceland's whaling crusader attempts to ship 2000 tonnes of fin whale ...

Swimmers warned away from 'dangerous' Doolin dolphin

3rd bottlenose dolphin found dead; cause unknown

Dolphins use sponges to protect their sensitive noses while foraging ...

2 dolphins given shelter in marine park

Australian surfer hospitalised after being rammed by adolphin

Japanese ex-dolphin hunter says slaughter is not centuries-old ...

Dolphins illegally in the EU? Dolphinarium owners refusing DNA ...

Bottlenose Dolphin Removed From Sag Harbor Cove

Dead dolphin spotted in river near Palmetto Bluff

Dolphin pod dies trapped in ice off Canadian coast

Orcas, dolphins put on amazing show in BC

China: Cash reward for rescuing Yangtze finless porpoises

Porpoise washes up, Tweede Maasvlakte

Dolphins Imperiled as Irrawaddy River's Fisheries Decline

The Mystery of the Narwhal Tusk Solved


High-speed boat, whale off the coast of Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture, or conflict with

Environmental pollution is also a problem than whaling? Seven-head just in the world whale also kind

Dolphin Pohang trace Noriyuki Tanabe that wander

Two horses Pacific white-sided dolphins, debut Shibushi Bay Daikoku the 21st dolphin land


America Aquarium whale and the wind whistles actually "dancing"

Zhuhai Changlong theme park · White Whale Museum - LEFEDV giant LED screen display synchronization control function

China's leading marine theme park operator (Figure)

Repopulation successful Ryukyu dolphins frolicking

Sunday, 16 March 2014

10 March to 16 March 2014


WhaleFest killer whale model lowered into sea

Fossilized whale skull shows sonar existed 32 million years ago

Whale and fur seal sanctuary

Beluga whale intrigued by bagpipe music

Pod of rarely seen false killer whales spotted off OC coastline

Two sperm whales spotted off the coast of Skye

Hawaii officials searching for humpback whale entangled in fishing ...

Whale freed at St James beach

Endangered whale washes ashore in Tunisia

Navy ship nearly crosses paths with migrating gray whales

Spring Whale Watch Week approaches on Oregon coast, March 22-29

Mystery of bowhead whale song

Dolphin dies after getting stranded on mud flats near Torpoint

A letter to President Chinchilla: Save the Costa Rican spinnerdolphins

Booming Hong Kong puts pink dolphins in peril

200 dolphins in Howe Sound RAW

GALLERY: Orcas hunt dolphins in Blind Channel near Squamish, BC

Bottlenose Dolphin Comes to Diver for Help - See the Heartwarming ...

Two dolphins washed ashore along east coast

Vancouver Aquarium boss won't reveal future plans for whale and ...

Links Between the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji and the Faroe Islands

Young dolphin found dead, tangled in net off Big Island

SeaWorld hires energy lobbyist to fight orca ban bill

Orca pod attracts a crowd in Douglas

These Orca Whales Chasing A Speed Boat Make 'Jaws' Seem Like ...

Orca lovers mourn loss of dedicated researcher Kurt Musgrove

Newly discovered species of ancient porpoise had enormous chin

Quick-thinking rescue saves stranded porpoise

Common porpoise washes up on Kingston beach


9 meters long, weight 7 tons of whale involved in the death of fisherman nets towed back to shore (2/2)

Russian wild beluga whales died on hunger strike after being domesticated nearly half (Photos)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

03 March to 09 March 2014


San Diego lawmakers react to proposed CA killer whaleshow ban

Drone-filmed dolphin, whale footage is ABC 'viral video of week'

Killer Whales Bully Lone Blue Whale in Rare Video

Rare Killer Whale Skeleton From Glacier Bay National Park And ...

Mystic Sea whale trips start soon in Langley

Campbell River whale watching captain gets fined, banned after ...

Hawaii: A free whale watch also helps the humpback mammals

Still no answers for December pilot whale stranding

Marine Agency Issues Gray Whale Warning for San Francisco Bay

Skeleton of whale found on Fishers Island going to Albany, NY ...

Footage of dolphin stampede captured by DRONE off California coast

Cape Cod Dolphin Stranding Leaves One Dead, Four Rescued ...

Kuwait probes causes of dolphin deaths along coasts

Herbs Help Dolphin Overcome Ulcerative Stomatitis Lesions

Dolphins attack and kill two porpoises for FUN in 'cat-and-mouse ...

Feds: Dolphin Didn't Belong in Pool

Laos Is Going to Build a Dam That Will Kill Off the Last Irrawaddy ...

Researcher Suspended After Sick Dolphin Moved to Pool

Dolphin Therapy Claims Unfounded

Angel Albino Dolphin Not Dead - Fake Death Strikes Albino Bottlenose

Orca pod spotted hunting in Hauraki Gulf

Baby porpoise found washed up on beach


Sperm whale specimen systemic "Macko" appearance Museum of Natural History

Whale : corpse washed ashore, beach / Yamagata Sakata Miyaumi

Dolphin is carried out in the summer Kobe Suma in the sea is a Fureaeru

Killer whale restaurant, allowing meal while looking at the! Kamogawa Sea World


Help herbs Dolphin Overcome Ulcerative stomatitis Lesions


View whales too close to disturb the Canadian captain charged with 6000 penalty ban industry for 10 years

British dolphin kill suspected intrigue with

Scientists have discovered a rare form of hybrid thin spots former Dolphins new species / Chart

Sunday, 2 March 2014

24 February to 02 March 2014


Whale graveyard shows mass stranding of species millions of years ...

Alaska wants the humpback whale off the Endangered Species list

'Unbelievable' Shocked motorists left sickened at 50ft rotting sperm ...

Humpback whale 'performs' for fishermen

Woman gets slapped in the face by a whale

Freediver poses for a selfie with giant sperm whale

Vancouver Aquarium's new whale whisperer will continue to pursue ...

More Whales Slaughtered in Whale Sanctuary

Whale sighting made off coast of Maui

SeaWorld Files Complaint Against OSHA Investigator

SeaWorld dolphin bites nine-year-old girl during family visit to Texas ...

Drone Captures Dolphin Stampede Off Southern California

Govt plans dolphin watch centre in Etawah

Blast fishing seen cause of dolphin stranding

Dolphin-Killing Season Ends Early in Taiji

Millions of dolphins could be hurt as oil industry blasts along East ...

Ukraine to debate giving human rights to dolphins

Nellie, the World's Oldest Dolphin in Human Care, Turning 61

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld Orlando's Discovery Cove

Injured dolphin learns how to paint

Canadian navy cleared in orca death

Did a Wild Orca Really Attack a Diver in New Zealand?

Dead orca on Long Beach: Underwater explosive, sonar ruled out ...

Young Orca L-112 Was Killed by Blunt Force Trauma

Orca stranding report from NOAA

Hopes porpoise Dylan is 'Blowin' in the Wind'

Are Whales At Risk From Navy Sonar Training Plans?


Orca attacks shrimp fisherman


Fishermen stuck in Jala, Mascot Staying in Samarinda

SBY Will Inaugurate Fantasy Island


Zhangzidao waters appeared six meters long whale

Beluga whales want to grab the camera underwater (Photos)

Stranded porpoise liver damage timid blood and medical injections only

"Bycatch" dolphins to kill the captain sent to do it

Suspected to have been minced tail propeller big dolphincarcasses washed ashore

Japan argued that the hunting of dolphins Department of Fisheries and Japanese desire to seek international recognition

Porpoise rescue stranded people Relay


Dolphin can certainly fifteen days of continuous stay alert