Sunday, 23 March 2014

17 March to 23 March 2014


SeaWorld turns 50 amid pressure to end killer-whale shows

Killer Whales Attack Sea Lions Near Prince Rupert

Whale 'Flies' Towards Boat In Incredible Picture Snapped In Maui

Sea Shepherd ship in Wellington after tenth whale defence campaign

Japanese retailer Rakuten slammed over ivory, whale meat sales

1m people sign petition to ban SeaWorld's 'whaleimprisonment'

Right whale watching is favorite Provincetown pastime

Whale Watch Week nears

Washed up whale a big find for scientists

Jawbone of whale beached at Redcar is to go on display in the ...

Oregon Coast Crew Responds to Dead Whale on Washington Beach

Iceland's whaling crusader attempts to ship 2000 tonnes of fin whale ...

Swimmers warned away from 'dangerous' Doolin dolphin

3rd bottlenose dolphin found dead; cause unknown

Dolphins use sponges to protect their sensitive noses while foraging ...

2 dolphins given shelter in marine park

Australian surfer hospitalised after being rammed by adolphin

Japanese ex-dolphin hunter says slaughter is not centuries-old ...

Dolphins illegally in the EU? Dolphinarium owners refusing DNA ...

Bottlenose Dolphin Removed From Sag Harbor Cove

Dead dolphin spotted in river near Palmetto Bluff

Dolphin pod dies trapped in ice off Canadian coast

Orcas, dolphins put on amazing show in BC

China: Cash reward for rescuing Yangtze finless porpoises

Porpoise washes up, Tweede Maasvlakte

Dolphins Imperiled as Irrawaddy River's Fisheries Decline

The Mystery of the Narwhal Tusk Solved


High-speed boat, whale off the coast of Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture, or conflict with

Environmental pollution is also a problem than whaling? Seven-head just in the world whale also kind

Dolphin Pohang trace Noriyuki Tanabe that wander

Two horses Pacific white-sided dolphins, debut Shibushi Bay Daikoku the 21st dolphin land


America Aquarium whale and the wind whistles actually "dancing"

Zhuhai Changlong theme park · White Whale Museum - LEFEDV giant LED screen display synchronization control function

China's leading marine theme park operator (Figure)

Repopulation successful Ryukyu dolphins frolicking

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