Sunday, 30 March 2014

24 March to 30 March 2014


Rheumatism sufferers sought relief inside a whale

Beaked whale sets new mammalian dive record

U.N. to issue ruling on Japan whale hunts Monday

Giant inflatable whale too 'religious' for London park

Seven-metre long whale found stranded in Hung Shek Mun

Tamisiocaris fossil found in Greenland reveals bizarre new species ...

Whale sighted off Port Beach, Cottesloe this morning

Whale noise may hamper the search for missing Malaysia Airlines ...

Should California make Sea World's killer whale shows illegal?

Secret Santa Cruz fossil site reveals new whale species

Whale's bacterial stowaways reveal how stressed it is

False Killer Whales Caught 'Talking' To Camera

2 pygmy sperm whales killed by dynamite fishing in Siargao

Family capture rare close up footage of killer whale hunt

Beaked whale within 20m of Perth beach shores

Whale to be recovered for $75K exhibit

Whale's jaw displayed on Teesside

Dolphin whistle instantly translated by computer

Ukraine crisis: Crimea's dolphin army to be taken over by Putin

Baby white dolphin catches eyes in Charleston Harbor

Auckland Rally Against 2014 Dolphin Hunting Season

Orca incident may bring prosecutions

Orca sightings a sign the population is healthy and growing, says ...

Miami Seaquarium Orca Lolita Close to Freedom

Stranded baby orca returned to pod

Seaquarium sold to Spanish company

Dolphin discovered on Lime Kiln waterfront; cause of death ...


The orcas show had an unusual offseason in the South


Dolphins can detect mines, set off bombs, attack divers ...


Yumigahama the coast of Tottori) Sakaiminato The whalewashed ashore

Japan's first! Dolphin show co-star of the dream of the sea lion can be seen the start

Finless porpoises birth Diary vol.24 ( finless porpoises naming ceremo


March hail giant whale strandings suspect ominous

French satellite shooting area found 15 meters long whalecarcasses (Figure)

Secret 520 million years ago, a whale ancestor with sea water filtration facial appendage

Japan again to catch whales excuses: to provide meat for the Muslims

Whales beached on the shore Plover Cove

Jiujiang, Jiangxi unheated now porpoise corpses suspected to be lethal ship propeller hit

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