Sunday, 6 April 2014

31 March to 06 April 2014


Japan's biggest online retailer, Rakuten, ends whale meat sales

Japan considers smaller whale catch after international court ruling

Gray's beaked whale comes within 10m of shore at Leighton Beach

Cuvier's beaked whale sets record for deepest ever dive

Norway Keeps Whaling Quota, Environmentalists React

SeaWorld tells California lawmakers orca shows help whales

Right whales come back to Brevard

Whales Are Being Killed by Noise Pollution

Obama Vows Continued Pressure on Iceland to End WhaleHunting

Skeleton of dead whale washed up in Plover Cove to be preserved

Dolphin 'translator' aids human-animal interaction

Debate over dolphin catch numbers in Pilbara fishery

Stranded dolphin dies on Ormond Beach

Endangered dolphin spotted

Discovery Cove: Another dolphin born

2 more dolphins found dead in Beaufort County over weekend

Long-'extinct' marine mammal spotted in Gulf

New Scilly resident is a talking point on the islands

SeaWorld accused of drugging orca whales after welfare concerns

Saving Baltic Porpoises - New Warning Devices on Nets


Appears a dolphin stranded in the North


Minke whale surprise to residents washed ashore on the coast of Hokkaido, Otaru or dead

Norway, this year's whale 1286 head the same as last year announced the catch quotas

Dolphin watching "sea opening" Amakusa Goka-machi

Dolphin : 500 head smoothly - Kyoto Kyoto off Tango


New addition for Dolphin Quest

Endangered dolphin spotted


Chilean scientists whale fossil graveyard

10 m giant whale stranded in Hong Kong multiple injuries or death involving human (Figure)

Chinese White Dolphins appeared Shenzhen Sea

Porpoise corpse floating abdominal injuries Bay

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