Sunday, 13 April 2014

7 April to 13 April 2014


SeaWorld loses appeal against killer-whale occupational safety ruling

Humpback whale washes ashore in Ponte Vedra

Entangled minke whale rescued near Boston Harbor

Japan intends to continue Antarctic whale hunt with new research ...

Photographer J.T. Gray captures Humpback whale and calf ride ...

Dead pilot whale found on Searsport beach

Boaters cautioned after right whale sightings

Pygmy blue whales migrating from Perth to Indonesia

Heavy ice may have crushed 9 blue whales to death off Newfoundland

First whale recorded off Cornish coast in 2014

Research vessel collides with whale

Vancouver Mayor wants aquarium to stop holding whales, dolphins

Tag attached to bowhead whale 12 years ago found on Connemara ...

Japan whale catch down in numbers

Young whale freed of entangling line

Female humpback whales swim to shallows to avoid sexual...

Dolphin dies after washing up at Jacksonville Beach

Bottlenose dolphin die-off ongoing, toll hits 1204

Porpoises found on Mearns coast were killed by dolphins

Rescuers save 200kg dolphin in central Vietnam

Seal hitches ride on Dolphin

Grieving dolphin carries dead calf

Dolphin watching on national day

Dying dolphin babies in the Mississippi Sound brings call for more ...

Baby dolphin dies after getting trapped in shark nets

New variant of cetacean morbillivirus identified in WAdolphins

2 rescued dolphins in Subic marine park show signs of recovery


United Nations, whale and request a noise reduction of ships for the protection of such


Ulsan, South Korea, more than 500 sea surprise appearance

Sunny Bay rare white dolphins reclaimed the lead

Hong Kong porpoises stranded case to 13

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