Sunday, 16 March 2014

10 March to 16 March 2014


WhaleFest killer whale model lowered into sea

Fossilized whale skull shows sonar existed 32 million years ago

Whale and fur seal sanctuary

Beluga whale intrigued by bagpipe music

Pod of rarely seen false killer whales spotted off OC coastline

Two sperm whales spotted off the coast of Skye

Hawaii officials searching for humpback whale entangled in fishing ...

Whale freed at St James beach

Endangered whale washes ashore in Tunisia

Navy ship nearly crosses paths with migrating gray whales

Spring Whale Watch Week approaches on Oregon coast, March 22-29

Mystery of bowhead whale song

Dolphin dies after getting stranded on mud flats near Torpoint

A letter to President Chinchilla: Save the Costa Rican spinnerdolphins

Booming Hong Kong puts pink dolphins in peril

200 dolphins in Howe Sound RAW

GALLERY: Orcas hunt dolphins in Blind Channel near Squamish, BC

Bottlenose Dolphin Comes to Diver for Help - See the Heartwarming ...

Two dolphins washed ashore along east coast

Vancouver Aquarium boss won't reveal future plans for whale and ...

Links Between the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji and the Faroe Islands

Young dolphin found dead, tangled in net off Big Island

SeaWorld hires energy lobbyist to fight orca ban bill

Orca pod attracts a crowd in Douglas

These Orca Whales Chasing A Speed Boat Make 'Jaws' Seem Like ...

Orca lovers mourn loss of dedicated researcher Kurt Musgrove

Newly discovered species of ancient porpoise had enormous chin

Quick-thinking rescue saves stranded porpoise

Common porpoise washes up on Kingston beach


9 meters long, weight 7 tons of whale involved in the death of fisherman nets towed back to shore (2/2)

Russian wild beluga whales died on hunger strike after being domesticated nearly half (Photos)

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