Sunday, 28 October 2012

News from Oct-28 2012

Hope you all changed your clocks back ;) Anyway here is today's news and quiet as always on a Sunday
The Aquarium Politics of the Global Beluga-Whale Trade
The Atlantic-4 hours ago
A request by one of the United States' biggest oceanariums to import 18 beluga whales caught in Russian waters has set off a maelstrom of debate

40 whales die in mass stranding Oct 2012
NEW DELHI: About 40 whales died in a mass stranding on the west coast of India's remote North Andaman island in the Bay of Bengal, wildlife officials said

Fight to Save Mekong Dolphin Makes Enemies
The Cambodia Daily-9 hours ago
Chet Borei district, Kratie province – Sitting at his outpost overlooking the Mekong River, Deab Kuy remembers an incident some years ago when fishermen

Faro Island bloody and brutal whale hunting tradition ‥
MBC News - 5 hours ago
Residents of the island in Denmark Polynesia annual whale hunt events like being repeated. Whaleprotection organizations condemned by brutal because of the way but I'm thinking. Honggibaek in London

About 200 estuarine dolphin living in the estuary Cananéia
First Edition - 21 hours agoThe estuarine dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) is almost a " dolphin Brazilian, "inhabits the coast of Santa Catarina that goes to Honduras. It is near the coast and in areas

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