Saturday, 24 November 2012

News from Nov-24 2012

Activists rally against dolphin, whale hunt in Tokyo
The Star Online-5 hours ago
TOKYO: Environmentalists and nationalists held opposing rallies over the issue of Japan's dolphin andwhale hunts in a rare showdown in central Tokyo

Whale Worship a Way of Life for Vietnam Fishermen
Naharnet-7 hours ago
"Praying to the whale will help us if we encounter trouble at sea," the 45-year-old said as he and his crew prepared to depart from Ly Son, an island of 21,500

Alaska whale hunters wary of oil drilling
San Francisco Chronicle-by Jennifer Dlouhy-12 hours ago
They know that on barren, snow-packed land, life is sustained as much by whale, seal and caribou as it is by the oil money that flows through the North Slope.

Subic dolphin dies on flight to Singapore hours ago
The male dolphin, aged about 10, died suddenly less than an hour before the flight from the Philippines landed, a Marine Life Park spokesperson

Four Stranded Dolphins Rescued On Cape Cod
The Inquisitr-22 hours ago
Rescuers stabilized the common dolphins, carried them out of the mud at Herring River, and placed them into a rescue trailer for health exams

Killer whale "naming ceremony" in Kamogawa Sea World determined to "Luna" baby
千葉日報-9 hours ago
At Kamogawa Sea World orca nicknamed baby female has been decided. Communication among the 18 588 total applicants, was named "Luna" idol of the new SeaWorld. Luna is the same park orcasbetween (14) and Raby, who was born three aquarium on July 19 this year, and Oscar (27 years estimated)

The dolphins than summer meal eat 10 pounds of fish (Figure)
网易-19 hours ago
The the marine theater star bottle nose dolphins also liberalized appetite to put on thick fat clothes "for their own day to eat 30 kilos of mackerel, ... in the museum of marine theater, the reporter saw star here eight Pacific bottle nose dolphins

Dongting Lake reproduce water "giant panda" finless porpoise deaths tragedy
新华网湖南频道-13 hours ago
Yangtze finless porpoise is the world's only the finless porpoise freshwater subspecies, has survived for 25 million years on Earth, known as the Yangtze River ecological "living fossil" and "giant panda in water developed brain with dolphins , level of intelligence and gorillas close only

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