Monday, 19 November 2012

News from Nov-19 2012

Rare 40-ton whales return to SC coast
Charlotte Observer-1 hour ago
The endangered species will be out there all winter, and boaters are urged to be cautious. As recently as two years ago, an aerial survey team spotted

International travelers carrying walrus ivory, whale baleen face red ...
Kansas City Star-6 hours ago
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service CITES certificate. Don't leave home without it. Not if you're traveling overseas with art or jewelry made from walrus ivory

UC ocean research into blubbery buddies
Voxy-19 hours ago
Stewart said whales, or 'blubbery buddies', were also viewed positively, and often seen as ... She said the thought of eating whale meat was almost unthinkable.

First bottlenose dolphins here at Resorts World Sentosa
Straits Times-6 hours ago
A Marine Mammal Specialist conducting a routine check of a Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin. The first batch of dolphins have arrived at Marine Life Park

Turks and Caicos Sun-2 hours ago
Neil Borrowes, the proposed developer for the more than $3 million Dolphin Cove project in the Turks Caicos Islands is charging that a small group

Rare dolphin dies after 45-day rescue
Shenzhen Post-9 hours ago
The dolphin, called Meimei, was found stranded on the shore Sept. 28 with injuries on her back, abdomen and fin, according to relevant report.


Whale found dead on the coast of the town Reihoku or rare species of
Kumamoto daily newspaper (subscription) - three hours ago
On the coast near the fishing port of Sakasegawa Nishikawa-nai Reihoku town, of rare species "Ichouha whale male seen as " whale (4.5 meters long) one animal carcasses ... Shin Nishida of the Faculty of Education and Culture, Miyazaki who led the recovery According to Molecular Ecology = (36) =, "the shape of the teeth Ichouha instructor whale likely

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