Thursday, 13 December 2012

News from Dec-13 2012

SPOTTED: Paddleboarder seen just feet away from whale
WECT-TV6-7 minutes ago
You can see paddleboarder Chris Hill just about ten feet away from a whale. Young said he was in the area snapping photos when he saw the whale approach

Humpback whale rescue efforts halted hours ago
Marine wildlife experts on Thursday abandoned their efforts to rescue a humpback whale which had become stranded on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea.

Fin whale spotted off coast of Dana Point
OCRegister-17 hours ago
Fin whale seen during Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point, CA on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2012. Used by permission. MARK TYSON, CAPTAIN

Wind Energy Industry Agrees to Protect Endangered Whale
StateImpact Pennsylvania-21 hours ago
A new offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea near Zingst, Germany. The Baltic 1 is Germany's first offshore wind farm, and began generating electricity in May

Humpback whale sighting confirmed
Jacksonville Daily News-19 hours ago
A humpback whale sighting was confirmed off the coast locally as recently as Sunday, when Chris Hill spied the giant mammal roughly 100 yards past the Surf

What do you offer a beluga whale for dinner?
The Province-9 hours ago
A federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans survey last summer in the Beaufort Sea came across some interesting findings about the eating habits of beluga

Dolphin hearing system component found in insects
Science Codex-1 hour ago
A hearing system component thought to be unique in toothed whales like dolphins has been discovered in insects,

Dead dolphin sends warning bells for summer
Wauchope Gazette-19 hours ago
SHARKS have been having an impact at North Haven recently, with a sighting of three in the river and a mauled dolphin washing up dead on the beach.

6 dead dolphins recently found washed ashore
KHOU-12 hours ago
HOUSTON – A concerned viewer sent in photos of the bodies of dolphins that washed ashore in Galveston. The beach patrol said it found six dead dolphins this

Court rules orca Morgan's removal to Spain was not unlawful
Bignews Portugal-17 minutes ago
The removal of the orca Morgan to an amusement park on Tenerife was not unlawful, judges in Amsterdam said on Thursday. An organisation of marine wildlife


The dolphins "family group" sea stunning South Australia
Dahua Wang - 15 hours ago
Good ecological environment (Reporter Chen Xiaomin) South Australian waters continue to be the wonderful sea of. The past two days, there are a group of dolphins appeared in the waters of South Australia witnessed dolphins islanders and visitors marvel "very lucky


Judged between dolphins dying
Tend newspapers - 3 hours ago
He was sentenced to four large dolphins in Southern suffers from severe performance against illegal trapping. appellate court "must release". Do

Fishing hooks to sacrifice 27-year-old dolphin - Chosun Ilbo Multimedia / Photo
The Chosun Ilbo - 15 hours ago
Inspect the body of a dolphin , researchers announced the findings dolphins dead seems to be the reason for the 'fish hooks' ... sorry to give the sacrifice the people abandoned fish hooks dolphin .

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