Monday, 3 December 2012

News from Dec-03 2012

Humpback whales creating stir off Ireland
BBC News-4 hours ago
The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group have been monitoring the group and believe that four of them have visited the same waters off west Cork in the past,

Four Killer Whales Greet Researcher's Boat hours ago
Four killer whales made quite the local appearance Sunday as Long Beach whale watchers and a research boat spotted the orcas off the Palos Verdes

Op-Ed: Bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales await fate in Taiji Cove hours ago
Taiji - Two pods of cetaceans are awaiting their fate after being driven into Taiji cove last night. A pod of pilot whales and a pod of bottlenose dolphins

Whale sightings off Baltimore
Southern Star Newspaper-30 Nov 2012
Over the past few days there have been many sightings of humpback whales off the coast of Baltimore and they have been attracting quite a lot of attention.

Marine protection network could be worth £10bn says report
BBC News-17 hours ago
They are the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust, Marine Conservation Society, National Trust for Scotland, RSPB Scotland, Scottish Ornithologists' Club, Scottish

NOAA accepts petition to delist J,K and L pods from Endangered list Nov 2012
November 26, 2012 the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration accepted a petition to delist Southern Resident killer whales which are listed as

Baby Beluga goes on display
Practical Fishkeeping-3 hours ago
Newborn beluga whales are born with slate-colored skin, but as they mature, the ... as part of Shedd's collaboration in the Beluga whale breeding co-operative.

It really, really hurt:' Girl, 8, recalls her painful SeaWorld dolphin bite ...
Daily Mail-48 minutes ago
Jillian held two dolphin stuffed animals as she recounted the ordeal, saying she hoped the dolphindidn't get sick from eating the paper carton

Wave of dolphin sightings 'prove seas off West Wales are healthy'
WalesOnline-17 hours ago
A glut of dolphin sightings captured on film show the seas off West Wales are in a ... for dolphins, porpoises, whales and other sea animals on a monthly basis.

Tangalooma dolphin baby a Christmas surprise
e-Travel Blackboard (press release)-15 hours ago
Trevor Hassard of the dolphin care team said back stretching was a common feature of dolphinbehaviour during the final stages of a pregnancy


Dolphin "settlers" Taizhou
China Taizhou Network - 11 hours ago
December 1, Taizhou Sea World ushered a two Tursiops dolphins Hantaikeju in , 6-year-old "Mike" and "Abramovich". According to the staff of Sea World, two Tursiops dolphins from Japan, each worth more than 100 million


Raising dolphin Barcelona Zoo Nuik be called - 3 hours ago
Raising dolphin Barcelona Zoo Nuik be called, as it has been named the most votes by more than 12,000 people who participated

A dolphin therapist
The Voice of Russia - 6 hours ago
A dolphin therapy center opened a few days ago in Yalta, on the Black Sea. Their experts say that natural treatment methods


"Dolphin Ulsan? Also our hope .. "
Jeju's sound - 13 hours ago
Ulsan Whale Ecology Experience in the row being considered as a future destination of the pacific dolphins ... Hot Pink Dolphins "confiscation of a large Southern dolphin which is referred to as a place to stay in Ulsan whale ecology

Minke whales sea Lotto 'winning'
Kangwon Ilbo - 2 hours ago
Sea of Japan, according to the East Sea Maritime Police Chief Choi, Jae (py) H Ho shipping (15t, 4:00 a.m. 40 minutes of Set Net) Captain hwangmossi (38, Donghae), am fishing car Donghae mukhohang departed the same day 7: 20

Animal life of the one thousand and one?
Pressian News - 15 hours ago
Make money on the illegal take big dolphin Southern Pacific Land in Jeju. After being confiscated by a court sentenced the appeal and the appeal is continuing.

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