Sunday, 2 December 2012

News from Dec-02 2012

Migration of right whales starts off GA coast
WALB-TV-1 hour ago

More humpbacks could cause problems
KCAW-11 hours ago
A humpback whale begins arching its back and showing its tail just before diving for herring ... There's a baby boom going on with Alaska's humpback whales.

Video: Dolphin Bites 8-Year-Old Girl at Sea World
ABC News (blog)-39 minutes ago
Feeding the dolphins at Sea World was a dream come true for 8-year-old Jillian Thomas, until one of the marine mammals bit into her arm, nearly dragging her

ead dolphins wash ashore on Horn Island and on Gulfport beach hours ago
The head, along with a dead dolphin found today, are at the Institute of ... He cannot say whether the adult mammals' deaths are related to dolphins found last


2012 follow-up: Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium birth new idol, orca baby ...
毎日新聞-16 hours ago
Was born in (Minato Nagoya) Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Orca female baby is growing Sukusukuto. Drink a lot of breast milk, the baby who was born on November 13, has been fat plump.Killer whale


Taizhou Sea World dolphin !
中国台州网-18 hours ago
Taizhou Sea World trainer Guo Hongwei, the two Tursiops dolphins production from Japan, this time from Nanjing to them back, each worth more than 100 million. Two dolphins , one male and one female, body length of 2.4 meters above each dolphin

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