Saturday, 5 January 2013

News from Jan-05 2013

Sorry for the gap on the news but December came a very busy month but the news has returned back on a daily basis. No previous news articles will be featured

URI student studying 'whale snot' for health clues
Providence Eyewitness News-14 hours ago
SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) -- A graduate student at the University of Rhode Island is hoping his study of what he calls "whale snot" will yield important health

36000-year-old whale bone sparks DNA connection efforts
Red and Black-4 hours ago
The Atlantic gray whales disappeared in the 1700s, probably due to whaling, Noakes said. While the still-living Pacific, or California, gray whales seem

Cook Inlet beluga whale population has slight uptick on long road
Alaska Dispatch-19 hours ago
For a couple of weeks during the summer of 2012, Alaskans driving Seward Highway may have seen a pod of beluga whales frolicking in the waters

Trapped whale finds path to freedom
Fiji Times-20 hours ago
The trapped humpback whale takes a dive in the Vakamatuku lagoon in Totoya, Lau. The whale has finally managed to find its way into the open sea.

Shamu goes public: Could SeaWorld's IPO retire a whale of debt?
89.3 KPCC (blog)-21 hours ago
mother and baby orcas, also called killer whales, swim at Sea World in San Diego. The company just filed for a $100 million IPO,

The dolphin snatchers: Mail investigation exposes vile trade 
Daily Mail-16 hours ago
Last month alone, she claims up to 170 cetaceans were killed, including pilot whales, risso, striped and bottlenose dolphins. More than 100 were captured

Anti-whaling ship heading for Antarctica
Radio New Zealand-4 Jan 2013
But the Bob Barker's captain, Peter Hammarstedt says they will do whatever it takes to get in the way of the Japanese fleet and stop the whaling season early

Resorts World Sentosa dolphin died of 'bacteria poisoning' hours ago
The dolphin which died when it was transported from the Philippines to Resorts World Sentosa's Marine Life Park on Nov 22 “succumbed to an acute bacterial

Cambodia battles to save rare Mekong dolphins
The New Age Online-11 hours ago
The sight of two dolphins twisting playfully in the murky waters of the Mekong River elicits barely-stifled squeals of delight from a boatload of eco-tourists

SpanishThe temporary favor the appearance of dead cetaceans
Faro de Vigo - 11 hours ago
That had a happy ending, as the small dolphin was rescued by Cemma and ... This was a problem for the recovery of dolphin

Russian:Dolphin Ghosh of Sevastopol Dolphinarium learned ...
TRC "Petersburg Channel Five" - 7 hours ago
In the Sevastopol Dolphinarium one of the actors ,15-year-old dolphin Ghosh demonstrates unusual trick. He crawls on land

Portuguese:Most rescues Operation Dolphin involves young
Mail People's Journal (subscription) - 16 hours ago
A detailed report by the Military Brigade shows that of 277/1 rescues performed by Operation dolphinin inland and coastal

Company: Why whales and dolphins are stranded in number
Ouest-France - 11 hours ago
Porpoises or dolphins are trapped at the time of installation or the rise in bottom set nets. "Similarly, pelagic trawls

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