Friday, 29 June 2012

Jun-29 2012

Travelers in the Mediterranean Sea: dolphin swim more than 1,000

Slovienan: - June 29, 2012
Conventional Dolphin Dane rare elsewhere in the Mediterranean, but in greater numbers ga ... Ordinary dolphin is the type, years in the last 30 with the Adriatic Sea

José and Michael in Ecomare. - 29 Jun 2012Baby Beluga at Sea Paradise Yokohama Hakkeijima
Japanse: Sea Paradise 29 Jun 2012
"Beluga" (Thursday) was our birthday!  at Sea Paradise is the birth of the first! The birth of beluga is unusually hard, including the birth of this baby, breeding in the aquarium is the first case 3 9 Hall Park, in the East will be the first baby beluga in the country" (picture at link)

Baby born at Naberezhnye Dolphinarium
Russian: -29 Jun 2012
June 19 at 23.30 in the dolphin was born Sonia baby, sex is still unknown. This is the second dolphin, who was born in the dolphinarium Chelny in the years of its operation. The first dolphin - Indie - was born two years ago, Inga bottlenose dolphin."

Ten Ten gives birth
Japanese: Ioworld - 29 Jun 2012
Ten Ten signs of childbirth was seen, but gave birth to 9 pm (Tuesday) June 26, 2012, for the body of the baby dolphin was born had been bent, could not swim and died"

Lithuania's Sea Museum dolphins have been released from government seizure in Greece
(Lithuanain) - Jun-29 2012
Lithuania's Sea Museum dolphins have been released from government seizure in Greece, the director of the Sea Museum states that some of the dolphins may return to Lithuania next spring following renovations to the Museum.

Pacific White Sided baby one month old
Shedd Aquarium - 29 Jun 2012
Piquet's calf is one-month old, "Piquet’s calf is 1 month old today! And what a big boy he is becoming. He and mom have hit all the milestones for a Pacific white-sided dolphin calf’s first month, and everyone at Shedd is absolutely tickled at his progress"

Migaloo the white whale due to pass by Gold Coast 
Courier Mail - 29 Jun 2012
WHALE watching cruises on the Gold Coast have been booked out this weekend, with Migaloo, the white humpback, expected to pass the tourist strip.

Vets suspect dolphin had a brain infection
This is Cornwall - 29 Jun 2012
A RARE dolphin found dead on a Fowey beach could have had a brain infection, an initial post-mortem examination has revealed.The Cornish Guardia

Dolphin debacle
Fishnewseu - 29 Jun 2012
WWF claims that yesterday's measures, launched by the New Zealand government in a bid to save the remaining 55 Maui's dolphins from extinction, are

Tassie gets a whale-fest - 29 Jun 2012Tassie gets a whale-fest IT is shaping as a bumper season for whale sightings along Tasmania's East Coast

Dead whale washes ashore in Brevard County
WKMG Orlando - 29 Jun 2012A dead adult Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore in Brevard County

Seal leaps aboard fishing boat during desperate attemptNanaimo Daily News - 29 Jun 2012Beldham said five transient killer whales, hunting in a pack, cornered a ... Unlike the fish-eating killer whale pods that live in the strait, little is known to date about

Environmental groups attack Greenland's request Nunatsiaq News - 29 Jun 2012Endangered fin whale was among the whale products available for visitors to buy in... Our investigation report shows that this demand for more whale meat is

International Whaling Commission Meeting In Progress in PanamaDemocratic Underground - 29 Jun 2012The 64th Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission and the associated meetings of its Scientific Committee

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