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Jun-07 2012

Ruling Puts Distance Between Killer Whales and Trainers
(New York Times)
The electrifying in-water duet between trainer and killer whales at SeaWorld will never be quite the same after a judge ruled recently that animal trainers must be better protected from the fearsome mammals during performances.

Dwindling fish supply stresses endangered killer whales
(Sacramento Bee)
Lack of food - not noise from whale-watching boats - is most stressful to Puget Sound's endangered killer whales, researchers have learned.

Whales Spotted Feeding in Gulf of Farallones
Boaters are being warned that humpback and blue whales are starting to appear in the waters outside San Francisco and have been sighted in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Dead whale on the move
(Newcastle Herald)
The decomposing carcass of a sperm whale that was unearthed by massive swell is now adrift in the ocean. Newcastle City Council staff were due to re-bury the dead whale today but high tide claimed the carcass first

Baby whale beached on Fraser dies
(Toowoomba Chronicle)
The beached baby whale on Fraser Island has died, after wildlife experts spent almost two days nursing the young humpback

Denmark's Faroe Islands Observes Grindadrap Tradition 
On World Environment Day 2012, a gruesome ancient tradition, in the Faroe Islands, off the coast of Denmark, saw the mass killing of whales.The sea of Sandur, located off the coast of Sandoy Island in the north of Europe, turned blood red as the islanders slaughtered hundreds of whales on 5 June, to mark their whale-hunting culture

Dog sniffs out whale poop for hormone study
(Seattle Post Intelligencer)
A study published today in the online science journal PLoS ONE was the first to use "scat-detection dogs" to find the feces of endangered killer whales.

Proposals aim to protect whales from ship collisions
The shipping industry has tentatively agreed to some groundbreaking proposals to protect whales outside the Golden Gate.

Whale song enchants
(August Margaret River Mail)
AUGUSTA was the place to be on the long weekend with the Whale Song Festival celebrations to mark the return of the Southern Right and Humpback whales

No pattern seen as second dead whale washes ashore in Maine
For the second time in three weeks, a dead Minke whale has washed ashore in the area of Cape Elizabeth, USA.

Alaska enters international scrum to protect Eskimo whalers
(Alaska Dispatch)
Alaska's congressional delegation has sent a warning shot at the international body that sets whaling harvests: Ignore Eskimo bowhead whalers and the U.S. The three-member delegation said Tuesday they've introduced companion bills in both houses establishing the U.S. Commerce Secretary's authority to set subsistence catch limits if the International Whaling Commission does not.

Former SeaWorld trainer to share insights
(Seattle Post Intelligencer - blog)
She is currently a volunteer at the Center for Whale Research at Friday Harbor. ...She intends to discuss the living conditions of the whales, the true nature of the

Large pod of dolphins gives sealife spotters a rare treat
(This is Cornwall)
AN UNUSUAL encounter with a pod of more than 40 dolphins, rarely seen in such large numbers close to shore, was pictured last Friday by a member of a ..

Call For European Whale And Dolphin Sanctuary
(The Clare Herald)
Twenty one years to the day after former Taoiseach Charles Haughey declared Ireland a Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary, a call has been made to extend the the designation to the rest of Europe.

Wildlife warrior to join fight to save dolphins
(Bayside Bulletin)
THE controversial killing of 20000 dolphins, porpoises and small whales in the shallow bays of Taiji, Japan, has spurred Birkdale's Brett Bradley into action

Orca whales filmed off Donegal coast
The pod of orca whales spotted off Donegal yesterday are thought to be visitors from the Scottish coast.

Taiji museum of false killer whale birth of baby
(47NEWS - Japanese)
A baby False Killer whale was born on June 5th at 4pm. The mother arrived to Taiji on October 10, 2011 and is the only female at the park. The baby, gender unknown, is now part of the False Killer Whale pod at the park which consists of 1 female and two males.

A dolphin is being assisted in listing Cunit
( - Spanish)
The team CRAM Foundation, at the request from the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Medi Generalitat de Catalunya , has more than 72 hours providing clinical care to a striped dolphin that appeared last Sunday on the beach Cunit (Calaluña). After the first clinical examination, we proceed to move the animal to an area of beach sheltered from the swell and wind, and proceeds to install the base camp of rescue and assistance.

The prosecutor's office has denied the information about the mass deaths
(Details - Russian)
The prosecutor's office denies the Odessa area information about the mass deaths of dolphins in the Belgorod-Dniester region

Dolphin ecology presentation
‎(The Munhwa Ilbo - Korean)
Unite falls on the 6th memorial site in Seoul Grand Park makgyedong 'dolphin eco-tour' briefing and 1,200 civilians and children from the disappointment.

Cape Cetaceans in the wake of the fin and its threats
(Wes space - French)
She is such a favorite area for cetaceans: Great dolphins , Dolphins blue and white dolphin , Risso, Fin,

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