Friday, 1 June 2012

June 01 2012

hedd's new dolphin calf nursing, 'progressing well'‎ (Chicago Sun-Times)
Less than 24 hours after birth, Shedd Aquarium's newest Pacific white-sided dolphin began nursing – a critical milestone for the newborn calf's successful

'Mini dolphin' discovered near site of gas port‎ (The Australian)
A miniature dolphin species has been discovered off the Kimberley coast near the site of the controversial James Price Point gas hub.

SeaWorld Trainers Need Protection from Killer Whales: Fed. Judge‎ (Reuters)
SeaWorld shows may soon get a lot less exciting. A federal judge has ordered SeaWorld to enact safety measures to protect SeaWorld trainers.

Whales ahoy! Migration begins‎ (Tasmania Mercury)
Humpback whales have begun their migration to warmer waters and the leaders of the pack appear to be taking victory leaps

Danish whaling under fire‎ (Fishnewseu)
IN the build-up to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in July, conservation groups have questioned how the Danish presidency of the EU can

Rescue effort unable to save stranded whale‎ (Royal Gazette)
A 17-foot minke whale calf that died after wandering into the shallows of St George's Harbour was salvaged for research by its would-be rescuers.

They're having a whale of a time!(Daily Mail)
Two beluga whales were photographed playing a vigorous game of underwater football at the Beijing Aquarium today. The sporty pair were seen tossing the toy .

Dolphin Diary: June 1‎ (Messenger News)
Dolphin Diary writer Marianna Boorman shares her latest stories about taking photos in the Port River

New Dolphin Rules In Switzerland After Heroin Overdose Scandal‎ (Worldcrunch)

White whale safety of the world's rare and endangered species, arrived in Shanghai‎ (Xinhua - Chinese)
On June 1, a cargo charter flight brought Beluga Whales to Shanghai early this morning.

In Barnaul, has opened a mobile dolphin (photo)‎ (Independent City Website Barnaul - Russian)
Animals - two white whales, dolphins , fur seals - were brought to ... session animal performance lasts 40 minutes, the dolphin and the white fur seals

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