Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jun-10 2012

Whale Sightings Off Oregon Beaches Stay Somewhat High
Oregon Coast Beach Connection - 17 hours ago
Whale Sightings Off Oregon Beaches Stay Somewhat High, sometimes as many as ten a day are being seen on the central Oregon coast.

Fla. dolphin being treated for pneumonia
WPEC - 9 hours ago
A 3-year-old dolphin is being treated for severe pneumonia after a group of volunteers found her in southwest Florida. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune says Edna is 6.5 feet long and weighs 171 pounds. Her condition is stable, but she is still very sick.

Seaworld's Summer Nights returns with Shamu Rocks
Orlando Attractions Magazine (blog) - 38 minutes ago
SeaWorld is bringing back its Summer Nights event for 2012. Besides riding their coasters and other rides into the night, there will be special shows and fireworks. SeaWorld’s Summer Nights runs each evening until 10 p.m. from June 23 through Aug. 12, 2012

National forum whale Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Japanese: NHK - 17 hours ago
The current situation and whaling whale think the food culture of "national forum whale" is, 9, was held in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture once flourished as a whaling station.

Xiamen waters found that 48 Chinese white dolphins in the western waters and Wuyuan Bay
Chinese: Phoenix - 4 days ago
Xiamen Marine rare species of protected area management office director of Xinjian Jun, the three photographs of the ocean determined Xiamen waters the number of Chinese White Dolphins has reached 48, the activities are concentrated in the West Sea and the Wuyuan Bay area.

Nanjing dolphins predict Spain will wins the matador剑指contest three consecutive
Chinese: ABC - 18 hours ago
Yesterday in Nanjing Underwater World, the Modern Express reporter saw Ningning predict the first battle to defeat the trainer told reporters, "because the head is a game not guessed, Ningning today's interest is not very high." Ultimately, in the trainer's comfort , improved mood Ningning predicted tomorrow morning duel in Spain and Italy, this time, the answer is ─ ─ Spain wins.

TV Marineland - Marineland Immersion "dolphin trainer" - Episode 1
Youtube - French

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