Thursday, 17 May 2012

May-17 2012

Four 'early' whales seen

What Killed Orca Victoria? Some Point To Naval Tests

Whales migrate to warmer waters

Whale-watching season kicks off on Coast

Snagged Whale Nearly Swamps Boat

Iceland's lone fin whaler hangs up harpoon

River users urged to look out for sick dolphin calf

Live dolphins export not sustainable in Solomon Islands: SPWRC

US's dolphin-safe tuna labels banned by court calling them 'unfair'

Dolphin was alive when it became stranded on beach

Dolphins photographed in damage assessment

Petition calls for saving Minnesota Zoo dolphins;

"Dolphin speaker" could pave the way for human-cetacean

NOAA scientists still studying Mississippi dolphins

Boy With Rare Disease Meets Winter the Dolphin

Splash of the Titans

Dolphins Die, Insects Grow In Pacific Ocean

Update on Morgan (10th May)

In Crimea, 150 dead dolphins washed ashore‎ - Russian

The biggest dolphinarium in Ukraine and the Park of miniatures: - Russian


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