Friday, 14 September 2012

Sep-14 2012

Killer whales live on after menopause to protect sons
BBC News-6 hours ago
Killer whale mothers live longer lives in order to protect their sons, a study has found. Females give birth in their thirties but can live for a further 50 years after

Dead Baleen whale discovered on Angus beach by dog walker hours ago
A dead 40ft whale washed up on a popular Angus beach. The Baleen whale is thought to have been discovered by a dog walker just after 8am near Arbroath

Whale numbers on rise
ABC Online-10 hours ago
Whales have been regularly sighted offshore making their way back to their ... Lawrence Orel says the population of Humpback and Southern Right whales

Whale pod sneaks up on fishermen
MSN NZ News-13 hours ago
A group of fishermen has filmed a pod of whales sneaking up on their boat before suddenly popping out of the water and circling them during an angling trip

Promar opens Aula del Mar area Almerinar (Almeria) where the dolphin recovers 'Mark'
Europa Press - Social Diary - 1 hour ago
he Association in Defence of Marine Fauna (Promar) has opened a Aula del Mar to raise awareness of the world ocean in the area bounded by the beach Almerimar, El Ejido (Almería) where it remains, restoring their health status, Dolphin 'Marcos', a copy of 1.1 meters long and barely a year old that was stranded for 24 days on the coast due to kidney failure.

Dolphin found shot dead near Hotel
Glas Istre-6 hours ago
Dolphin whose body found Wednesday on the beach in Porec tourist village green lagoon has died, according to initial indications of a violent death. - It seems that the butterfly shot, but it is too early for detailed evaluation

Baby born at Dolphinarium Minsk
They say that Pasha beautifully cared for Diana. And on September 2 at 20:30 Diana gave birth to a wonderful baby.

Dolphinarium closes for season
Niigata City Aquarium is now closed for the season. It is due to reopen July 2013. On the last day, they had 1894 visitors

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