Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sep-06 2012 (It's Back!!)

How is a dead whale disposed of?
BBC News - 18 hours ago
Earlier this week, 17 whales died after stranding on a Fife beach. But what happens next and how do you dispose of large marine animals?

Four Baby Whales Rescued in Florida - 1 hour ago
Four rescued baby pilot whales have been taken to SeaWorld Orlando after washing up on a Florida beach.

Another Whale Found Dead on West Java BeachJakarta Globe - 5 hours ago

A whale shark died after being stranded on a beach in Bantul, Yogyakarta, on Aug. 4. Residents of the West Java district of Cianjur found a dead whale

Whale Acclimating Well at Sea World San Diego - 12 hours ago
A few weeks ago the killer whale Shouka made a journey across California to a ... She is getting along very well with the other whales

Gulf World responds to rare whale stranding
The News Herald - 20 hours ago
“After assessing the whale on the beach, the chances of survival didn't look good,” ... Upon arrival, the team confirmed the animal was a melon-headed whale. It was taken to Gulf World but upon arrival at the park, it was deemed too ill and was euthanized.

White whale puts on a show
Whitsunday Times - 17 hours ago
A WHITE whale believed to be Migaloo was sighted in the Whitsundays last week ... to Airlie Beach when passengers and crew sighted the whale near the Hook

Fishermen install alarms to warn dolphins
Taranaki Daily News - 21 minutes ago
Marine mammal alarms, known as pingers, are being installed on nets to warn off dolphins, porpoises and whales.

Coastal whaling and dolphin killing alive and well in Japan - 16 hours ago
Despite global opposition, protests, outrage and all science condemning the consumption of cetacean meat as toxic and hazardous

Do You Hear What I Hear? Researchers Record Orcas Underwater
Northwest Public Radio - 4 hours ago
A male orca seen by the northwest tip of Steward Island in the Puget Sound. Listen. The waters of Puget Sound are a pretty noisy place, if you're an orca.

Dolphin Roxanne gave birth to a boy ' - 2 days ago
The dolphin Roxanne in Boudewijnpark given life to a small male dolphin .

A dolphin stranded alive on the beach but died in the sight of rescuers
Truth - 3 hours ago
A dolphin stranded alive on the beach but later died. It was found on Father beach, behind the University of Ovid.

Tatarstan has announced a contest for the best name dolphin
TVNZ - 5 hours ago
Then come back to the city two dolphin Inga and Indy, which are currently on tour in Kazan. Recall that according to the contest name.
Dolphinarium in Kemerovo has caused an unprecedented boom - 9 hours ago
Displacement pool - 600 tons of filtered sea water. The program involved the Dolphinarium white whales, seals and dolphins

Young dolphin dies after beaching on beach Aracati

O POVO Online - 4 hours agoA baby dolphin stranded and died after being rescued on Wednesday, 5, on the beach of Stephen in Aracati, on the east coast of the state

Recoil dolphin : baby, "Lasky" nickname - Kagoshima / Kagoshima Aquarium
Mainichi - 10 hours ago
Kagoshima Kagoshima Aquarium reaction was recruited dolphin decided to "Lasky" is the name of the baby. Nicknamed point 2006 have been submitted from all over the country

"Miraculous", rich in bait fishing ban paradise of finless porpoises off the coast of Kansai International Airport
Asahi Shimbun - fourteen hours ago
Kansai International Airport in Osaka Bay off the coast, be an indicator of the richness of ecosystemdolphin a kind of figure of finless porpoises could be confirmed in the herd.

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