Thursday, 27 September 2012

Killer Whale Captured

From Russian Orcas:

 We have learned that in August, in the Sakhalin Bay in strict secrecy caught two orcas. One, obviously, was killed and the other was transported to Vladivostok. Since catchers orcas do not advertise their activities for fear of a public outcry, it is unclear exactly which dolphins keep it - according to some sources, this dolphin TINRO center in Nakhodka, on the other, the new dolphinarium on the island of Russian. According to some reports, the captured animals are going to sell abroad. Killer whales are one of the most intellectually advanced animals on earth. Vysokosotsialny and they live their whole lives in a close-knit family, separation from that for them - a real tragedy. Killer whale populations are few, and catching whales in all civilized countries is prohibited. The number of whales in Russian waters is unknown, and the quota for catching is not justified.


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