Saturday, 28 July 2012

Jul-28 2012

Indonesian rescuers free stranded whale

AFP - 2 hours ago
The 11-metre (36-feet) whale had been stuck near Pakis Jaya beach since Wednesday, attracting local residents who paid half a US dollar each for boat rides

VIDEO: Humpback whales from helicopter

Newcastle Herald - 21 hours ago
By air or by sea, it's almost impossible to put the majesty of humpback whales into perspective.

Please don't blame the whales

Victoria Times Colonist - 6 hours ago
I would like to speak on behalf of the young gray whale sighted in our waters

Whale's skull found on Cape Cod may be 500-years-old

My Fox Boston - 14 hours ago
What appeared to be a rock sticking up through the sand on Ellis Landing Beach in Brewster turned out to be an ancient skull from a North Atlantic right whale.

Whale tangled in craypot rope free

Perth Now - 7 hours ago
SEA rescue teams have spent three hours working to free a nine metre humpback whale tangled in a craypot rope about 1.5km out from South Beach

Officials ponder prosecutions over dead whale interference

Warrnambool Standard - 23 hours ago
GOVERNMENT officials will decide soon if three south-west men who interfered with a dead whaleat Warrnambool should be prosecuted.

Delight as dolphins are spotted off the mouth of the Tyne

Journal Live - 9 hours ago
A GROUP of more than 20 white-beaked dolphins have been spotted off the mouth of the Tyne

Whales and dolphins in Lyme Bay

This is Cornwall - 12 hours ago
The baking hot weather has attracted more than holidaymakers to the Westcountry's coast, with a spectacular array of marine life spotted in the last week

Magic: Divers delighted as dolphins frolic near Newquay

This is Cornwall - 19 hours ago
YOU COULD be forgiven for thinking these pictures of dolphins playing in the sun were taken in the more tropical climes of Jamaica or perhaps Australia

Authorities warned of jetski risk

Herald Sun - 5 hours ago
"(There) are a large number of vessels chasing the dolphins. ... The letter was written a week after adolphin calf was found dead on a Portsea beach, with locals

Kiwis urged to push for action over Maui's dolphin

NZ City - 19 hours ago
New Zealanders are being urged to call on the Conservation Minister to take action to protect our remaining 55 Maui's dolphins.


High waves or was kidnapped? Whale bone coast Kanbara not found

Shizuokashinbunsha - 19 hours ago
Adoption of humpback whale bones buried in order to sample the coast of Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City Kanbara, could not be found in the excavation of 26 days


Finless porpoise strayed into North Sea waters near the pier suspected fishnet ridden to death

Guangxi News Network - 16 hours ago
According to the staff of the new Olympian Transportation Company, 8:00 pm, near the pier a few workers of the transport ship to see to a " dolphin "in the side of the boat floating, they think it is" dolphins strayed into shallow water in the rain, they start a transport ship, with a wooden

Jumping for joy: Northern Ireland porpoises now have extra ...

Belfast Telegraph - 16 hours ago
Harbour porpoises have won extra protection as their north coast stronghold has just been named Northern Ireland's newest Special Area of Conservation

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