Sunday, 29 July 2012

Jul-29 2012

Beached whale in Indonesia finally back in sea
Washington Post - 3 hours ago
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Rescuers in Indonesia say they have led a beached spermwhale back to the sea after hordes of spectators blocked its return for days

Playful humpback duo wow whale watchers - 7 hours ago
ST. JOHN'S, N.L. — Whale watchers off Newfoundland call them Mutt and Jeff.

Whale skull found to be at least 300 years old, headed to Smithsonian
Boston Globe - 12 hours ago
Researchers now realize that a whale skull found on Brewster beach dates back at least three centuries, and it may provide a missing link

Gray whales bumping boats may be no fluke
Victoria Times Colonist - 7 hours ago
They are known as "friendlies," but at up to 15 metres and 30 tonnes, they can also be downright scary.

Whale freed from fishing lines
ABC Online - 13 hours ago
The Department of Environment and Conservation has freed a humpback whale which was entangled in fishing line off Fremantle

annual dolphin count tallies 40
Daily Press - 3 hours ago
The Virginia Aquarium held its annual dolphin count on Saturday, according to a WVEC report . About 50 trained volunteers helped the aquarium tally sightings

Boat Strikes Bottleneck Dolphin in Sea Isle
NBC40 - 2 hours ago
SEA ISLE – This evening around 5:30 PM, a boat that was approximately eighteen feet long struck a Bottleneck Dolphin.

Good weather draws in sea creatures
Divernet - 19 hours ago
“The sightings of white-beaked dolphin were particularly satisfying, as MARINElife ... “Over the four days at sea, at least six different dolphin schools were seen.

Marine mammal stranding topic of free Thursday lecture - 6 hours ago
Michele Bane of the National Marine Fisheries Service, in center wearing red, responds to a report of a stranded bottlenose dolphin in February 2011.

New photos of Lovey's Calf

Moscow Mobile Dolphinarium Moves on
Russian: Moscow mobile dolphinarium travels to Nizhny Novgorod with bottlenose dolphins Dasha & Neon (reported to be mother & son), and two belugas Lera & Hera.

Alusta considers building a dolphinarium.
Russian: "In Alushta considered the prospect of construction of the dolphinarium. This was announced by the Executive Secretary of the Executive Committee of Alushta city council Victor Fradkin. According to him, it will greatly affect the level of development as a resort of Alushta and could become the new "chip" of the next summer holiday.

Baby born at Shimoda Aquarium
"Yesterday, 11:00 in the show is done in a natural cove, dolphin head number next to the pier suddenly became noisy. I thought the moment? "What are you doing? What", the back of the "mikan" and I saw a small dolphin. "mikan" is the bottlenose dolphin has been expected to give birth earlier this month"

Kagoshima recruits name for calf
Japanese: "The recruitment was born on March 5, the nickname of Miruki baby bottlenose dolphin.
Gender is male.

Squirt is expecting any day now at Dolphin Cove

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