Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jul-18 2012

Killer whales have also been seen at Stroma, Scrabster, Wick
Daily Mail - 3 hours ago
From two or three pods, the 14 killer whales (pictured) swum close to the John O'Groats coast in a rare sighting. Usually seen in groups of only four or five

Coastal visitors may encounter whales
Albany Democrat Herald - 2 hours ago
NEWPORT — For the past several weeks, gray whales that spent the spring breeding or calving in the waters off Mexico have been arriving in the Pacific

Commission rejects SeaWorld whale ban appeal - 20 hours ago
A federal panel will not reconsider a judge's ruling to prohibit SeaWorld animal trainers from having unprotected contact with killer whales

Beached whale calf one of seven
Fraser Coast Chronicle - 10 hours ago
THE body of a stranded juvenile whale found on Fraser Island on Sunday will be left to decompose naturally. It is one of seven calves stranded in two years.

The Einsteins of the deep: Dolphins can perform feats of maths
Daily Mail - 3 hours ago
Human sonar systems would be baffled by the bubbles - but dolphins appear to have a mathematical ability to 'cancel them out, say Southhampton researchers

Why swimmers should kick like a dolphin
Yahoo! Eurosport UK - 2 hours ago
'Why swimmers should kick like a dolphin' on Yahoo! Eurosport UK. Olympic swimmers need to ignore their intuition when it comes to the best ways to propel

Improving electronics by investigating dolphin sonar capabilities
The Earth Times - 5 hours ago
The use of algorithms to solve equations has been extended to theorising as to how on earth dolphins cope with their advanced sonar in 'bubbly' conditions

Dolphin stranding was Devon's fifth this year
North Devon Gazette - 8 hours ago
A DOLPHIN washed up on Westward Ho! was most likely to have been killed in a fishing net, according to experts

Taiji whale swimming with summer rainy season coming 
Japanese: The Yomiuri Shimbun - twenty hours ago
Whale of a popular Taiji by swimming with whales in the bathing beach, the Cosmo of Risso's dolphin (female, 2.76 meters in length) is swimming around between families, cheer up here and there

The Lingdingyang on "fired" white dolphin Battle
Chinese: 21st Century Network - 8 hours ago
As the monitoring officer of the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve and the Journal of Marine Biology at the doctoral Lin governance since 2010 began to do the white dolphin field monitoring,

The baby dolphin do not metabolize the insecticides present 
Spanish: - 6 hours ago
The mothers also transmit these contaminants that even watching adults get completely eliminated from your body.

Batumi Aquarium
"Monday morning local media in Batumi reported that Security Police [in Georgia, armed security guards is a state monopoly and part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, called Security Police, ed.] had entered the facility as soon as the order to fire the director was issued. But Management Service, which was financing the dolphinarium, claims they never refused to stop financing it, nor have they received a notice about abolishing the agreement.

Research finds rest of insecticide dolphins along the Brazilian coast
Portugese - 4 hours ago

The beach dolphin head 3 to be launched Miyazaki (Miyazaki)
Japanese: NEWS24 NTV - 2 hours ago
18, with children on the beach in Qingdao, Miyazaki was no swimming under the influence of Typhoon dolphin head 3 was launched, rescue work has been performed. Dolphin was launched close to the beach three head

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