Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jul-26 2012

Researchers lower the alarm as more whales are snared
The Age - 1 hour ago
Warning whales away. Whale watchers at Solander Head in Sydney are checking whether audio alarms are keeping migrating whales away from fishing nets.

That grey whale bumping your boat may be no fluke
Vancouver Sun - 6 hours ago
They are known as "friend-lies" but at up to 15 metres and 30 tonnes, they can also be downright scary.

Fin whale threatened in the Mediterranean (blog) - 3 hours ago
Until now it was thought that fin whales in the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea made up part of the distribution of this species of whale.

The great white whale returns
ABC Online - 9 hours ago
Tour operators have confirmed Migaloo, the albino humpback whale has been sighted in far north Queensland waters, just 10 kilometres north-east

Rare sightings of humpback whales reported off Anglesey
Daily Post North Wales - 18 hours ago
RARE sightings of humpback or fin whales have been reported off the coast of Anglesey

Flipping amazing: Bottlenose dolphins put on a stunning aerial show 
Daily Mail - 6 hours ago
These incredible pictures show Bottlenose dolphins frolicking in the waters of Kessock Channel near Inverness in Scotland.

Dead dolphin washes ashore far north of normal range
KATU - 21 hours ago
A dead 7-foot male striped dolphin washed ashore Monday night north of Long Beach, the Seaside Aquarium said.

Vancouver Aquarium Rescues Porpoise
A male porpoise was rescued on Jul-24 2012 and was later named Theodore. Theo's condition is grave, but we are cautiously optimistic at this time. He is currently being supported by a specially made sling to support him in the water.

Sperm whales off the coast of tracking strategy Rausu
Asahi Shimbun - 16 hours ago
According to Professor Amano, sperm whale is a male, female and children to act separately, females and children are in coastal waters, such as the Ogasawara Islands.

Beijing Inspection and Quarantine view imports of dolphins conditions
China Quality News - 16 hours ago
July 24, Beijing Inspection and Quarantine staff came to the Beijing Aquarium to viewthe status of imports of dolphins .

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