Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jul-12 2012

Race to save the whales' graveyard
Daily Mail - 53 minutes ago
The fossilised remains of roughly 15 of the marine mammals are currently on view in the Ocucaje desert some 310 kilometers south of the capital Lima

Baby Beluga whale died of numerous infections
HeraldNet - 13 hours ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A baby beluga whale rescued in Alaska's Bristol Bay last month had multiple infections, according to necropsy results announced

Blue Whales Spotted Off Sonoma Coast - 1 hour ago
World's largest animal measures up to 100 feet long and can weigh 200 tons; drawn close to area beaches by krill.

Minke whales enthrall divers off coast near Cooktown
The Cairns Post - 9 hours ago
A CAIRNS JCU student has had a close encounter of a different kind, after she took these stunning photos of several Dwarf Minke Whales near Cooktown.

First whale of the season spotted
Fraser Coast Chronicle - 12 hours ago
A JUVENILE humpback whale seen lazily making its way through the bay this morning is the first to be spotted by whale-watching operators for the 2012 season.

Dead dolphin found
Times of Malta - 7 hours ago
A dead dolphin was found at the bottom of the Rdum tal-Madonna cliffs in the Aħrax tal-Mellieħa area some days ago, Nature Trust said today

Bottlenose dolphin spotted in creek near SFO
KTVU San Francisco - 17 hours ago
There was an unusual sight Wednesday on the Peninsula as a wayward dolphintraveled up a South San Francisco creek throughout the day

Dead dolphin washes up on Staten Island beach - 16 hours ago
A necropsy will be performed to determine whether the death was spurred by human interaction or natural causes.

The future of zoos
Minnesota Public Radio - 14 hours ago
The recent flooding at the Duluth zoo and numerous dolphin deaths at the Minnesota Zoo made us think about the issues surrounding animals in captivity

two Risso's dolphins have also moved to the "Dolphin Beach"
Japanese: "As preparation for "meet a whale swimming beach" to be held (Monday), Risso's dolphin moving of head two of the main character was held from August 20 (Saturday) 14 July of the summer vacation period."

the two spotted dolphins, Kukuna (ククナ) & Nao (ナオ), at Taiji Whale Museum will start performing in the show on July 14th.
Japanese: "In difficult breeding facilities in Japan can hardly see pantropical spotted dolphin show starts from 14 of the Taiji Whale Museum. In special events in the summer, the Museum is expected to "show the pantropical spotted Dolphin is in Japan the first time" Pantropical spotted dolphin show to be performed four times a day."

four false killer whales were transferred on 10-Jan-2012 from Japan to Qingdao Polar Ocean World
"March 1, through the last 30 days of quarantine after entering the country from Japan in four false killer whale successfully settled in Qingdao Polar Ocean World. False killer whales are toothed whales, naturally playful killer whale is so fierce powerful, it became the darling of the aquarium, won the audience favorite. The end of January, Qingdao Polar Ocean World, a one-time introduced from Japan, four false killer whale, worth a total of 3 million yuan, the scale, the first of its kind in Qingdao."

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