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Jul-10 2012

Stranded baby beluga dies in Alaska
Businessweek - 4 hours ago
SEWARD, Alaska (AP) — A baby beluga whale that was believed to be just 2 days old when it was found stranded after a storm in Alaska's Bristol Bay has died

Whaling meeting ends with mixed results
Ventura County Star - 20 hours ago
Representatives from South Korea attend a meeting on the last day of the 64th annual International Whaling Commission meeting in Panama City, Friday, July 6

A whale of a science project
The Korea Herald - 4 hours ago
It was quite demoralizing, to say the least. Last Friday's edition of the South China Morning Post, the leading newspaper in Hong Kong, ran a big cartoon

Pilot whales stop traffic
TheChronicleHerald.ca - 7 hours ago
Whale watchers don't even have to set foot on a boat to take in this show. Large numbers of pilotwhales have been turning up in the Strait of Canso

SeaWorld appeals killer-whale safety ruling
Orlando Sentinel - 2 hours ago
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is appealing a federal judge's ruling that its animal trainers be forbidden from having unprotected contact with killer whales

Deadline to Sound Off on Navy Drills That Could Harm Whales
Patch.com - 2 hours ago
Tuesday is the final day for public comment on a proposal to test missiles and sonar off the California coast.

Whale survey tally record
Marlborough Express - 12 hours ago
Volunteer whale-spotters were left with cold bodies and sore eyes, but this year's record count of 106 humpbacks was well worth it, says a former whaler

Dolphin protection costing jobs say fishermen
TVNZ - 6 hours ago
Taranaki fishermen say they are losing money and jobs from set net bans

Actress threatened by captive orca?
Seattle Blog
Author David Kirby (DEATH AT SEAWORLD: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity) recently reported that an actress, during filming at Marineland in France, felt threatened by a captive orca:

Dolphins arrive early and often
Delmarva Now - 7 hours ago
LEWES -- With an atypical rise in water temperatures this year, the dolphin count in Delaware may rise.

The humpback whale groups fishing the spectacular scenes of shock
Chinese: 光明网 - 13 hours ago
According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on July 6, the summer the positive sardines group tour to the Pacific Northwest waters for spawning, the humpback whale groups from the warmth of Mexico, West waters north to the south of Alaska's northwest Pacific waters feeding

Bottle nose dolphin "straight" to swim back to Taiwan
Chinese: The Liberty Times - 16 hours ago
[Reporter Tsai Wen-Habitat / Tainan reports] last month released into the wild bottlenose dolphins - straight, based on satellite tracking of the National Cheng Kung University marine life and whale and dolphin research center, straight across the Taiwan Strait to Fujian, China, twice, and the coast of Guangdong, more recently, to swim back to Taiwan

A dolphin is rescued in Tenerife
Spanish: Antena 3 Noticias - 8 hours ago
A dolphin, which was in danger, saved his life thanks to a diving in Tenerife. He was found almost dying, tangled in the ropes buoys.

Animal rights activists for the closure of dolphinariums
German: Mittelbayerische - 11 hours ago
dolphin shows in the graceful animals encounter only a few meters away from the audience out of the pool water splashing and diving back into the heated water. Animal rights activists consider this form of entertainment for cruelty to animals. If it were up to them, should dolphin facilities in zoos are prohibited

Discontinued model Dolphinarium
German:Welt Online - 49 minutes ago
Where the last three dolphins of the Münster zoo come is still unclear. The decision, according to the zoo probably in October. In consultation with the Coordinator of the European conservation breeding program become a new wildlife park in Europe looking for, it said.
Scientific Whaling - dolphin show will be promoted to ban
Korean: The Hankyoreh - 10 hours ago
Assembly Environment and Labor Committee, janghana (Democratic Party), the 10th Congress of the broadsheet press conference in the open ocean ecosystem management Conservation and Fisheries Resources Management Act amending "Japanese scientific whaling 'and dolphins

"Ecological Briefing the show, dolphins into the sea! "
Korean: The Hankyoreh - 4 hours ago
Jeju Solidarity Committee and the Federation for Environmental Movement, the sea is 10 am opening the door to Seogwipo goseongri seongsaneup Minister of Marine Science 'ahkuahpeulranet Jeju in front of " dolphin show site is closed

For the second dolphin died in Evpatoria
Ukraine: UNN - Ukrainian Natsiaonalnye News - 2 Jul 2012
Crimea, Kiev. JULY 2. UNN. On the waterfront Evpatoria for unknown reasons, the bank threw a dolphin

Countries try to adopt sanctuary of whales
Portuguese: Journal Cruzeiro do Sul - 1 hour ago

SeaWorld Orlando opens Dine With Shamu

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