Friday, 20 July 2012

Jul-20 2012

Humpback whales surface yards away from woman
WHDH-TV - 13 hours ago
TRURO, Mass. -- A close encounter off of the Cape was captured when three humpback whales surfaced just yards away from a woman on a raft

Whale carcass washes up on NS beach
CTV News - 2 hours ago
Beachgoers made a gruesome discovery on a Maritime beach Thursday. A mangled whale was found washed up on the shore in Clam Bay, Nova Scotia.

Dolphins cause a stir off South Tyneside coast
Shields Gazette - 3 hours ago
The dolphins were spotted after UK-based whale and dolphin conservation charity ORCA teamed up with The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)

Japan urged to follow Korean example
Brisbane Times - 20 hours ago
AUSTRALIA has used the decision by South Korea to abandon plans for scientificwhaling to raise pressure on Japan to follow suit.

Bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf region under major pressure - 20 hours ago
"Dolphins in the Gulf region are being assaulted with so many challenges," said Courtney Vail, the Campaigns Director for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation

New Zealand dolphins to 'go the way of the dodo' 
Daily Mail - 7 hours ago
Maui's dolphins, found near New Zealand, drown after becoming trapped in the heavy duty nylon fishing mesh - and fewer than 22 breeding females are left

The growing movement to give whales and dolphins legal rights - 7 hours ago
Over the last several decades, researchers have shown that many dolphin and whale species are extraordinarily intelligent and social creatures

Orca Kamogawa Sea World - growing up healthy calf - minutes of Birth:
Japanese: 毎日新聞 - 14 hours ago
(14 years) is 19, gave birth to a baby killer whale successfully Rabbie aquarium in Kamogawa, Kamogawa Sea World in. Evident signs of birth or later, in the museum are keepers have been equipped with around the clock with reduced body temperature on the 16th of this month.

Bikini metal rings too bright Dominican dolphin angry onslaught of female tourists
Chinese: ETtoday - 13 hours ago
The first female tourist in Argentina to the Dominican resort, spending $ 100 (about NT $ 3,100 million) experience swimming with the dolphins , but her bikini metal ring suspected offend dolphins brutally the drift attacks, face and body are to be hit

Cost of construction of a new aquarium will be 60 in Kiev 
Russian: FOCUS - 3 hours ago... there will be four pools for dolphins, white whales 

Dolphin reconstruction nation's first appeal, Aqua World Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture in the sea lion riding
Japanese: MSN Sankei News - nine hours ago
Aqua World Aquarium in Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture (Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture), dolphin"rendezvous of love" the art of riding a sea lion swimming on top of the unveiling will be from 21 days. In the nation's first attempt,

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