Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lovey has given birth

Translated from Japanese:

Child birth safely, the second killer whale "Lovey"

Thank you for your patronage from around the Kamogawa Sea World.

Well, 24 minutes (Thursday) at 18:00, we have safely birth the baby of the female killer whale "Lovey" becomes the second child on July 19.

For your kind words and encouragement of many so far, I thank my heart was thicker than the support will be charged.

"Lovey" is a killer whale was born and raised in Japan for the first time in 1998, and in 2008 gave birth to a killer whale has been "ground" of Japan's first third-generation, this will be the second birth.

In the future, as "Lovey" mother can devote themselves to parenting, for a while, but we will cancel the performance, humbly, thank you for your understanding.

With regard to performance killer whales, we will guide the timing of the restart again while looking at the course.

In addition, the performance but will be discontinued, you can find a healthy baby at Ocean Stadium.

We look forward to welcoming staff from a concentric everyone.

General manager of Kamogawa Sea World


Pictures and video here!

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