Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jul-17 2012

Whale warning over Western Australia gas project
BBC News - 7 hours ago
Australian conservationists warn an LNG project conditionally approved by the government could pose a threat to humpback whales.

Whales get some help in tuning out man-made noises
Sydney Morning Herald - 2 hours ago
PERHAPS we can save the whales - or at least their hearing. Scientists have long known that man-made, underwater noises

South Korea dumps whaling plan
News24 - 2 hours ago
South Korea dumps whaling plan. South Korea has decided to scrap its fiercely criticised plan to resume "scientific" whaling

Free Shamu! Poll finds many oppose keeping whales captive
USA TODAY - 2 hours ago
The first-ever national poll measuring public opinion regarding captive orcas

Rare footage: Whale and calf swim in Sydney
‎ITN - 3 hours ago
Southern Right Whale and its calf swim together near Sydney Harbour whales, shows many oppose the practice

In mourning: Dolphin photographed carrying the broken body 
Daily Mail - 10 minutes ago
The incredibly rare pictures were taken by tourists in China's Guangxi Zhuang region, an area known for of its dolphin-watching tours.

Dolphins blamed for mysterious deaths of seal pups in Orkney
Scotsman - 2 hours ago
DOLPHINS are being blamed for killing a colony of seal pups in Orkney, after the dismembered bodies of 17 young seals were found on the shoreline at the Bay

Injured juvenile dolphin spotted in the Gozo channel
Gozo News - 2 hours ago
The dolphin was spotted by a family on a boat, who stayed with it until members of Nature Trust (Malta)'s Wildlife Rescue Team arrived on site 40 minutes later.

Spinner dolphin dead in Oslob
Inquirer.net (blog) - 16 hours ago
A male spinner dolphin was found dead in the shores of barangay Alo, Oslob town, south Cebu last Sunday.

Minnesota Zoo exhibit raises dolphin captivity questions
Minnesota Public Radio - 20 hours ago
The string of dolphin deaths at the zoo has become a flashpoint for a broader debate about keeping dolphins in captivity.

Dolphin Stampede
Santa Barbara Edhat - 12 hours ago
Denise Dewire photographed the sights seen from the Condor Express today.[pics]

Orca pod pays a visit for school holidays
Auckland stuff.co.nz - 20 hours ago
A pod of orca that often visits Kawau Bay showed up on July 10 to the delight of onlookers enjoying the school holidays.

“Death at SeaWorld” Hits the Bookstores as New Poll Shows
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 3 hours ago
“With recent events shining a spotlight on performing orcas in places like SeaWorld,... Whatever educational value the public recognizes in orca exhibits i

The CSIC puts the accumulation of pesticides in samples of dolphin
Spanish: Qué.es - 5 hours ago
Researchers at the National Research Council (CSIC) have managed to quantify the accumulation of pyrethroid insecticides

In Kharkov born dolphins 
Russian: News Agency Most-Kharkov - 5 hours agoAs the dolphin trainer Kharkiv Irina Mironova, the dolphin was born today at 6:45.Deliveries began at 5:30

Odessa has helped a little dolphin to escape from the trap
Russian: Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine - 5 hours ago
The man took the bottlenose dolphin in his arms and swam with the mammals in the open sea.

Dolphins 'attack' monkeys. Chernyakhovsky demands to cancel
Russian: The phrase - daily news and analysis - 4 hours ago
The decision to build a city council in Kiev zoo pavilion instead of the so-called great apes

In the Black Sea killing dolphins
Russian: News from the Green Party of Ukraine - 11 hours ago
In the village Popovka (Saki district) Crimea every 3-4 months on the beach throwing the dead dolphins

Update on Tom & Misha
Born Free Foundation: .It is now over 60 days since Tom and Misha were released back to the wild. Misha, after heading in the same direction as Tom for a few days, changed course and headed east towards the area of Antalya. The team managed to observe him there last week, but only from a distance, and he is moving and diving well.

Baby born at Vallatra Dolphin Adventures
dolphin "Shani" gave birth at Dolphin Adventures Vallarta on 11-Jun-2012. The calf was named Lulu. (pictures at link)

Scientists puzzled by what's killing Puget Sound porpoises
KIRO Seattle - 16 hours ago
Scientists in the Puget Sound region are baffled as an alarming number of porpoises have washed up on local beaches this year.

This summer dolphin Joetsu, Niigata City Aquarium and Museum on the popular show
Japanese: MSN Sankei News - 5 hours ago
Every summer in the annual Municipal Aquarium and Museum in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, dolphinshow began. In the event that follows from the time the opening in 1980, two head place this summer at home tricks from Sea Paradise in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture Izu Mitsu

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