Sunday, 5 January 2014

30 December 2013 to 05 January 2014


France: 'Whale' spotted on motorway

A Killer Whale, a Dogged Filmmaker

Unusual California Whale Sightings: Gray Whales, BlueWhales ...

Sperm whales swim across Caribbean coast in stunning underwater ...

Killer Season: Record numbers of gray whales, orcas arrive in South ...

Kaikoura whales in Japanese kill zone

Whale Traffic Jam Delights Visitors And Baffles Scientists

Dead Sperm Whale Towed Away From Florida Keys

Humpback whale jumps for joy after pal is cut free from lobster pot ...

Un-beached whale

Ocean-Killers Increase Whale Harvest

Rare True's beaked whale washes up in Newport

Killer Whale Approaches a Boat and Imitates the Motor Sounds

Humpback whales could be removed from endangered species list ...

A dolphin, a seal and whale of a time

Leviathan: Up close and personal with a pod of majesticwhales ...

Whales, dolphins and diving drive wave of popularity for the Azores

Right whales saved by ship restrictions, NOAA says

Volunteers key to Whale Watch Week success

Whale Calf Observed Breaching and Active in Maui Waters: Pacific ...

San Diego vs. SeaWorld: Let the Battle Begin

'Podcam' shows life of dolphins in BBC Spy in the Pod series

Port River dolphin Zoom is recovering well after suffering horror ...

Dolphin massacre: 15000 killed each year in Peru

Dolphin Megapod Of Thousands Of Spinner Dolphins Seen ...

Rescuers come to aid of two stranded dolphins off Wellfleet

Dolphins 'deliberately getting high on puffer fish toxins'

Looking Back: The story of Ecco the Dolphin

East Coast Dolphin Virus Hits Georgia

Diver films encounter with pod of orcas

Orcas put on show for visitors

$25K fine sought in orca case

PETA's SeaWorld Protest at Rose Parade Sees at Least 16 Arrests ...

Trapped Finless Porpoise Rescued in E China's Jiangxi


Saturates body dolphin in the Bay of Chetumal, give burial

What the controversy is "dolphin diet"


Net caught a whale , thanks to the fishermen, fishery lived jidoseon

2014 Pohang dolphins swimming competition from powerful

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