Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dec 23rd to Dec 29th 2013


Fin whale dies after it washed up on Irish beach

Year of the Whale: 2013 brought a marine show unlike any other

Gray, fin and killer whales off South Bay and Long Beach this ...

Abbott will pay for this whale of a broken promise

Dozens Of Gray Whales Spotted Off Point Reyes As Migration Begins

Counting Whales In Hawaii Might Be The Best Volunteer Program ...

Whale-watching week on the Oregon Coast

Researchers to study dead sperm whale found on Maui

Killer whale spectacle in Santa Monica Bay is 'like SeaWorld without ...

Whale dies after washing ashore south of Vero Beach

TV | The Whale – The true story that inspired the wonderful Moby Dick

Underwater Compositions: Song Sharing Between Southern Ocean ...

Channel Islands Whale Watching Opens

Whales put on show off Del Mar

SeaWorld takes out ads to defend itself against whale mistreatment ...

Whale saved from fishing net in Mexican waters

Dolphin pictured flying through the air after getting in the way of killer ...

Season's first whale calf sighted off Sapelo Island

NSRI rescues beached whale

Public asked to maintain safe distance from marine mammals

Lifelike sperm whale draws attention in railway station parking lot

Speed limit for ships is reduced to protect whales

Amazing! 50-Ton Whale and Her Calf Appear Under Tiny Tourist ...

Australia To Monitor Japanese Whale Hunt By Air

Sea World issues statement to counter 'inaccurate reports' in wake of ...

NOAA head gets up-close look at whale sanctuary

Whale sighting excites Nasinu villagers in Cakaudrove

Protesters demand end to killer-whale shows at SeaWorld

'Scientific' Whaling's Political Battle Begins

US Endangered Species Act Turns 40

Killer Whales Frolic off the South Bay

Dolphin 'patrolling' behavior disturbing

Bottlenose dolphins off US coast hit by measles-like virus

Concerns after two dead dolphins found in two days on Exmouth ...

Dolphin Swims Into Sochi as Name of City's New KHL Team

Dolphin washes up on North Myrtle Beach shore

Porpoises on European coasts maintain their populations but...

Sea Shepherd USA Seeking Submissions for its “From the Cove to ...

Frolicking Family Of Orcas Off Redondo Beach Caught On Video

Seeing in the dark - New research sheds light on how porpoises ...


Whale watching endangered humpback whales in Hawaii


'Maritime Show' in VinarĂ²s to receive an dolphin in the harbor


Donor allows dolphin therapy for 24-year-old from Gelsenkirchen


St. Petersburg against the Dolphinarium tent

Scientists are trying to create a translator to communicate with dolphins

Santa Claus visiting Klaipeda dolphins

Dolphinarium in mobile Kupchino interested ...


"Lurking beneath the boat whale image wow "

Confirmation of humpback whales this season's first 'll return your

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