Monday, 30 January 2012

Rescued the young whale stranded North Sea beach

During the Spring Festival, several Chongqing Weizhou in the North Sea beach visitors find a stranded whale, they reported to the police station. Police and third twice it returned to the sea, but the strange thing is, the young whale on the beach or continue to the red, we can only put it in the fish holding cages.This left the North Sea after a few visitors, this has been concerned about the fate of the lost baby whale, so in the microblogging to a friend about the North Sea. Reporters After several days of tracking, the morning of January 29 that the young whale has returned to the sea.   

January 26, a North Sea rescue stranded whale Weizhou news, attracted the concern of many users. Chongqing netizen "cyndi_1981" in micro-Bo wrote: "the morning to save a small Japanese sperm whale, Weizhou Island in the deep seas, and once it is placed at the beach, swim back to the stranded, no option but to foster in the fishermen's cages in the , we will contact the local police departments agreed to do the check after it released, we will leave tomorrow Weizhou Island, and I am very worried for this first small whales, who will help continue to focus on a small whale that the final fate of the first ah? "

Microblogging still photos. Post time is January 23 (New Year). From the micro-blog content to see, "cyndi_1981" New Year's Day 9:00 with friends more, they live in the north of the island near the beach, fishing fun, the young whale found stranded. They dig pits on the beach, whale water to soak in the sea, trying to push it back into the sea but afraid of hurting it, and finally the police.

Weizhou border police station came, and they are a whale into the sea, only to whales swim in the ocean for a swim back to the beach again 27, the reporter contacted the police station Renjiang Ping is director of holiday, he was introduced to save the whales through.

"New Year's Day morning, after receiving reports of tourists, I and four police rushed to the beach, we estimate that the whale is relatively heavy, so bring a lot more people, thought it a wonderful reflection of the sea to swim out to it can we previously saved the stranded whale, and some experience. "But he went to the scene to see, this whale is not large, only about 40 kg.

They hold to the whale near the sea, to push deep inside for a while, let it swim out to. But the founding director of the experience is not useful, and so they returned to shore, whale tour also turned back again stranded on the beach.

We believe that water may be deep enough and decided to find a whale boat farther into the sea. In order to avoid moving the injured whales, we got home and from fishermen foam box, and borrowed a small boat, pulled out of Weizhou attractions outside the beach ridge down the river, "We were like, the original beach north, big waves where the wave is small in the water a few meters deep, should be no problem! "

May be surprising is that whales do not go to the deep middle, but went straight to swim to the pier on the beach side, once again stranded ... ...

Rescued: protect whales return to deep-sea fishery sailing

Founding director their desperation, to Weizhou fishery station owners call Lee, Lee owners understand the situation on the phone and said, estimated that the whale's head was injured organ for navigation, making it impossible to identify the direction of . He suggested that the first whale fishermen fish stocked in cages and let it rest a few days, and then by the fishery department.

29 am, Lee owners told reporters, after his inspection, this should be a whale of whale, he could not confirm the species, probably less than six months old, whales should be injured in strong winds incursion into the beach. Three days of morning, they used the fishery boat to rest for two days of the whale to the sea three sea miles away, put it back in the sea.  

Chongqing netizen "cyndi_1981" microblogging also caused Beijing Animal Protection Association, concerned attention. Beijing Shang animal behavior experts said, according to the habits of whales, young whale is needed in a breast-fed before the age of the mother whale will not leave because it was learning from swallowing broken up six months of fish, "if this is really rescued whales, then, is with the mother whale was lost. "Longchamp said, there may be a small whale and the finless porpoise looks like.

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