Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sri Lanka Navy saves injured whale

Jan 15, Kalpitiya: Sri Lanka's peacetime Navy not only comes to the aid of stranded Indian fishermen off the coast in Sri Lankan waters but also aids injured and beached marine mammals.

The Sri Lankan Navy personnel attached to SLNS Vijaya in the North-western Naval Area came to the aid of an injured whale which has washed ashore dangerously to shallow waters on the Vella beach in Kalpitiya of the northwestern coast on Friday (13).

The Navy personnel took exhausting seven hours to free the 38-foot Fin Whale that got entangled in a fishing net which had hindered its free movement and made the whale to beach.

They have freed the whale and assisted it to swim to the deep sea off the Dutch Bay in Kalpitiya.

The Navy units patrolling the waters have first spotted the injured whale thrashing in shallow waters with injuries to its fin and abdomen areas.

The navy personnel had pumped water and helped the whale to refloat and breathe and assisted the whale to move back to the deep waters.

Sri Lanka's peacetime Navy as a part of its social responsibility projects assists whale conservation.

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