Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Kagoshima Aquarium / not nursing a baby dolphin dies

25 Wednesday morning baby dolphins in Kagoshima, Kagoshima City Aquarium, died. Weak and could not be seen by feeding on day 5 after birth. Birth of the museum is the first six cases of dolphins that die shortly after birth or stillbirth either. 

Baby "naga" (2009 estimate) male born around 1:00 am on December 21 and 50 minutes. Swam as a nestling in Naga will swim well at around 4:00 am from May 25, was seen struggling in the water look. As 23:05 minutes, museum officials confirmed the death. 

According to the museum, baby dolphin can be the key to survival in breast-feeding within 48 hours after birth. We lived more than 48 hours, look for Naga nipples "look for milk (just Yuu)" was an action show, breastfeeding was not identified at all

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