Thursday, 5 January 2012

Killer whales in Nagoya

Ran II can be seen with her mouth open for the treatment in the medical pool (left) and Stella and Bingo. This is a press photo released of the three orcas who were brought late last year, from Chiba Prefecture. The three have a good appetite and are getting used to the environment of Nagoya. (edited translation) Father's "Bingo" (estimated 29 years), mother, "Stella" (25 years), and female child, "Run" (the same five years), the three heads. Dec 14, 15 last month and was followed by absence aquarium orca was taken from Kamogawa Sea World in Chiba Prefecture which borrowed. Stella is also expecting a child later this year in pregnancy. According to the aquarium, three heads of the visitors in general can snuggle around swimming pool with invisible treatment has been greatly lifted the mouth opening to the swimming pool. These people looked on, like a jump training began. Open the gate next to the spare pool, it has been accustomed to for the public facilities. But yet the timing of the general public, the aquarium "is hard as you can see the killer whales form a healthy family," he said [Akira Yamada], one of the carers of the orcas.

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