Thursday, 5 January 2012

Spotted dolphins near the site to worry about damage to ecological group ring

Board in addition to 3 man-made island of programs, is also interested in 20 natural and artificial reclaimed land near the coastline, including Tuen Mun, Tsing Yi, and Siu Ho Wan, Lantau Island. Because of the Chinese white dolphin and finless porpoise near the site some rare species such as haunted locations, there are environmental groups are worried that would cause serious damage to marine ecology. Civil Engineering Director Tang Jiahong (Figure) means that the proposed reclamation site, there are 13 sites located in the coastline has been artificially altered, including the Siu Ho Wan on Lantau Island, southwest of Tsing Yi, Tuen Mun, Tseung Kwan O and Ma Liu Shui East; other There are seven sites in the natural coastline, including those not protected location near the Black Point Power Station site and the Tai Lam Chung, Mui Wo, silver  Bay, Wu Kai Sha, Shek O Quarry and near the other. However, reclamation potential damage to marine ecology, environmental sensitivity that some of the site, south of Cheung Chau and Lo as a finless porpoise Island trail, there are dolphins activities Sunny Bay, near the ecological concerns reclamation would cause serious damage. Organization also said that, Tolo Harbour and Tai Po Kau other site may be used to build luxury, not help the general public home, will only push speculation suggested the government to develop more long-term population policies to address the overpopulation problem. WWF questioned the Government has not been well thought out, hastily throwing program. 25 sites, including highly sensitive ecological areas, such as the Romer's Tree Frog has a unique Hong Kong Po Toi Island, more than 30 soft corals, gorgonian coral species and the black waters of Beaufort, first discovered in Hong Kong special Powell's bipedal lizard species Hei Ling Chau, as well as by the AFCD considered to be important fish spawning and nursery grounds of the Tolo Harbour. Foundation means that reclamation will lead to permanent loss of habitat, threatening the survival of the species, asked the Government to avoid these important ecological and fisheries waters for reclamation. Protection of the Harbour Association, former chairman Winston Chu refers to, even if the proposed site in the harbor, but is still opposed to reclamation program. He believes that the acquisition of land reclamation costs are high, the proposed development to meet the needs of the New Territories. Civic Party Legislative Councillor Tanya also means that the government should be in no other case before considering reclamation, and questioned the government speculated that the growth of population and land needs justification. Cheung Kong: Victoria Harbour Reclamation best developer Cheung Kong executive director Justin Chiu is welcome to Government to increase land supply. However, he believes the best course of reclamation in Victoria Harbour, but frankly unlikely.

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