Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dolphin swallows a volleyball

"Nanjing Underwater World of a dolphin swallowed the wrong volleyball mouth, mouth to the stomach from about 1.2 meters, the underwater world the whole of society now urgently looking for arm length of 1.2 meters of volunteers join forces to save the dolphins." Yesterday, a microblogging save dolphins attracted many people's attention. Is participating in the wedding Dragons players Mengda teammates from a friend that the news, rushed to the underwater world, but unfortunately, because the arm length is not enough only to give up.

Last night, the underwater world with a foreign body forceps invited doctors from the Dolphins to take the ball inside the stomach. But as of 0:00 today, the ball can not get out. The reporter Hua Xiaoli Tao Jing

"Naughty" dolphin eating volleyball endoscopy found a depth of 1.2 m

Yesterday, 14:30, the reporter in the Dolphinarium in the underwater world saw only dolphins eating volleyball. It was isolated in a small staff pool, sometimes stationary, sometimes slowly forward, in addition to relatively poor mental state, the no obvious abnormalities. Next to the pool, two breeder has been look after it.

"It's called Jiang Bo, from Japan, 5 years old this year, to more than four years in Nanjing, has been good as gold." Deng Jun of Nanjing Underwater World manager, told reporters, however, on the day before yesterday afternoon, Jiang Bo rare little bit naughty, give bring their own big trouble. At that time, Jiang Bo alone in the pool to rest, prepare for the next in a performance.The results on the breath, there is a volleyball rolled into the pond from the shore.

Usually either practice or performance, Jiang Bo of volleyball has been very familiar with, so one can see the ball, it biting the volleyball tour to the central pool. I did not expect that, after playing for a while, even the volleyball bitten Jiang Bo, but also directly swallowed. "See it to volleyball swallow, and we are quickly reaching into his mouth Qutao." According to the breeder introduction to Nanjing, Jiang Bo before the base of dolphins in Japan is used in semi-open feeding, it is often possible to swallow marine litter, so the local trainer every day is an important job is to directly reach out to dig garbage mouth, and Jiang Bo also the breeder of such a move is very familiar.

But this time, although Jiang Bo swallow it with the keeper after the ball, but because volleyball is swallowed too deeply, the breeder took a long time, still can not pull out the volleyball. In desperation, the breeder at 10 pm the same day when the doctors go to the Dolphinarium will do a gastroscopy for Jiang Bo. The results show, volleyball stuck in Jiang Bo's stomach from the mouth of about 1.2 meters.

Hand is the safest way to take, but such a "long arm" is really hard to find

Of Jiang Bo, the hand out of volleyball is the safest way to not hurt the gastric mucosa. "Depth of about 1.2 meters, it requires at least the arm length of 1.1 meters." Desperation, the underwater world in thought to the community collection "long arm" volunteers. And just a given piece of microblogging, it was a lot of people forward, attracted wide attention.

The first volunteers arrived at the underwater world is Jiangsu Dragons players Mengda, "to drink this evening wedding, so the afternoon with the team invited a false result, listening to friends say dolphins out of trouble, wanted to come see if can not help. "Mengda last night to get married is a former teammate Chen Fei, and Mengda or his best man," then finished the morning of the bride, the moment just the little things. "But let Mengda some regret that, after measurement, and his arm length only 87 cm, no way to remove the stomach to help Jiang Bo volleyball.

"I come to ask the team of other people." Finish, Mengda just joined the Dragons this season give the players Song Kangming a telephone call center. However, after hanging up the phone, he kept Mengda requirements, "Song Kangming is the longest wingspan our team, but only 2.11 meters, the length of the trunk to get rid of his long arms certainly fail to meet requirements . "

In fact, even Yao Ming may not be able to complete this task, according to Yao Ming in the NBA registration data, and his arm span is only 2.25 m, "arm length is also less than 1.1 m sure."

Dragons players Mengda arm also less than 1.2 meters

Stay in the body easily lead to sepsis, surgery has been done today from last night

"Even the basketball player's arms are not long enough, it seems we can only choose to use foreign body forceps to take out volleyball." Tang Jun said at the beginning do not want to worry about using foreign body forceps is the rubber material can not be taken out all volleyball, leaving a small amount of debris in the stomach can not be a second clean-up. "In fact, we have ready a special foreign body forceps, 2.3 meters long."

Yesterday on the microblogging many users give other solutions, such as surgery or use of vacuum suction. In this regard, Deng Jun expressed "not very feasible." "Dolphin's organizations, especially thick skin, if cut, we must open a great hole, and can not be sutured. As for the vacuum pump, dolphin stomach has three, and now volleyball card in the first stomach, if you really suck, then, is likely to dolphins The other two are sucked out of the stomach, leading to death. "

According to reports, because they can not eat, Jiang Bo lost to rely on the body needs to maintain the nutrient solution. If volleyball is not out to take a long time, foreign body will stimulate the gastric mucosa, bleeding ulcers, and ultimately died because of septicemia. So last night, the underwater world to contact a doctor Jiang Bo take volleyball.

Endoscopic surgery from 20:20 onwards, in order to prevent tamper Jiang Bo, on-site staff hold a total of eight of its body.21:30 or so, doctors began using foreign body forceps volleyball, but because the ball can only see the top, and the surface was slippery, it is difficult to grip pliers. After about 20 minutes, the ball is a little clip up a bit, but soon slipped back. It took another 10 minutes, the ball finally caught up a few inches, "but to the cardiac position, which is where the stomach is relatively narrow."

Then an hour, the volleyball is always up and smooth out the folder. Doctors had to stop trying, decided to use the microwave apparatus on the surface of the ball high temperature burn a hole so you can have a greater focus. As of 0:00 today, surgery is still underway, volleyball has not been removed

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  1. Great news. The ball has been taken out successfully about hours later. The doctor professor Zhining Fan and his team flet very happy for their success. A large amount of journalist eventaully waited the good news at Nanjing Medical University Second Affialiated Hospital.
    Congratulations! Jiangbo