Sunday, 15 January 2012

Children of sperm whale washed ashore on the coast

Around 9:00 Friday morning, was launched one female head of a sperm whale on the coast of磯原町磯原磯原Kitaibaraki City, found that out for the count. 4 m whale is about 10 centimeters long. Children stray from the herd and seen. According to the city's Department of Agriculture, the whale washed up around the city since then shipwrecked on Takahagi in February 2010, about two years.

 According to the MPD, around 7:30 yesterday morning, the whale was once found in the same place and found about 5 km to the south, it was returned to the ocean by the surfers in the vicinity. Then shipwrecked on the coast until about 9:00 in the same磯原, Butsuketarashiku berth and head, were wounded.

Veterinary staff and was diagnosed Prefecture Oarai Aqua World Aquarium rushed, intense weakness, pick up power to live well in aquariums but determined not to talk to the sea, using anesthesia were euthanized. Shinobu's hawk hill vets (75) is "seriously damage the head and mouth, there is no ability to eat. Lost its direction and flow of the tide and sea temperature changes and may stray from the herd," he said. 

How the city had pulled the whale watching, male office workers (40) ", but sorry, he can not live from euthanasia is unavoidable," he said. 

Whale was pulled into the hole dug by heavy machinery on the beach buried.


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