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Man arm length 1.05 m will attempt to rescue dolphins eating Volleyball (Figure)

Man arm length 1.05 m will attempt to rescue dolphins eating Volleyball (Figure)
Posted 2012年01月20日11:22 China Radio Network Microblogging
This dolphin swallowed a play volleyball (Source: Fan Xiaolin She Yangzi Evening News)

Zhang Mengyong arm length of 1.05 meters (Source: Yangtze Evening News)

  Zhongguang Wang, Beijing, January 20, 2007 (Jiangsu Taiwan correspondent for Health Yang) The Voice of China "CNR News" reported that Nanjing Underwater World Dolphins 5-year-old Jiang Bo eating a volleyball , leading to not eat, life-threatening news After media reports affect a lot of people after the heart, this morning, Nanjing Underwater World invited up to 2 meters tall and 26, the arm up to 1.05 meters to meet the Zhang Mengyong save dolphins, Zhang Mengyong Yancheng today, starting from 2:00, 5 o'clock Rescued dolphin arrived in Nanjing, our mind at the moment

Video: Dolphin volleyball card swallowed in the stomach overnight treatment failed
Source: Jiangsu Satellite TV "Good Morning, Jiangsu,"
who has arrived in Nanjing Underwater World site.

  Jiang Bo afternoon before eating a dolphin for it to play a volleyball last night in Nanjing Underwater World has invited a number of medical personnel to Nanjing Underwater World to remove the body of volleyball for the Jiang Bo, but take a lot of ways, starting with large medical clamp is 2 m 2 dolphins around the body out into the medical forceps to try to come up with this volleyball but without success, because volleyball is a very smooth appearance, with some of the role of gastric juice may not be successful, and finally remove the of a grain size of foreign body, and finally tested after the above piece of foreign matter is indeed a piece of rubber volleyball.

  Because this work is not completed, the underwater world has come up with other ways to try to use the microwave apparatus is to use heat to melt the surface of the volleyball, hoping to be plucked out of a hole and then removed, the result was not successful, because with the microwave apparatus no way to volleyball on the surface, is not such a high temperature burn a hole, and finally adopted the method used to set a noose volleyball, the final success or not, that is now a variety of methods are used, or not a success.

  2 am yesterday, when the one came from Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, such a high special-shaped actor, his name is Zhang Mengyong, he is Yancheng starting from 2:00, 5:00 arrived at Nanjing Underwater World, We are now waiting for is mobilized from the hospital to clear some of the latest endoscopic instrument, such as endoscopic instrument, once in place we will call Zhang Mengyong try to get out from inside the stomach Dolphin volleyball.

  He received enthusiastic public phone because there are some media contacts with him, he was the first time that this news is, he himself is the rule of his leg in Yancheng City, part of his leg injury is not now way to normal walking, but now after receiving this news, he was the first time from Yancheng went to Nanjing to help the dolphins, to rescue, trying to remove his stomach foreign body.

  Reporter: Jiang Bo in front of only about 2 meters long dolphin is now a small staff with a special device that iron transport in the wood on board, the following also has a scroll wheel, and now the situation was Jiang Bo more normal, because with a sponge and a towel to help it protected the bleeding point, and can see that dolphins are very active now and vitality, it is kept in the swinging tail and fins, the current situation is still relatively normal, now waiting for the vehicle, ready to transport on the train dolphins, to the hospital.

  Next the staff will use the microwave apparatus will probably burn a hole so the sphere and then use medical forceps Huokou out, this approach may be more successful, but the hospital in the end is how to do, we will have next next arrive at the hospital will know, if this situation is not so smoothly, it may make 2 meters high 26's Yancheng this expert in this underwater world will be removed by hand directly to the volleyball event.

  That Zhang Mengyong he would own 1.05 m long arm out into the dolphin's stomach inside Jiang Bo pulled it out directly, it may be the case, but we still want to smooth the volleyball in the hospital out, so let us a little less painful by the Jiang Bo.

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