Monday, 16 January 2012

Hong Kong, China's largest dolphins together CUHK gene database

Xinhua HONG KONG, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) The explanation is the Hong Kong Ocean Park Conservation Foundation recently announced collaboration with the Guangdong Zhongshan University, the establishment of China's largest genetic database dolphins to dolphin populations in recent years, declining the case of different white the relationship between dolphin populations, the development of long-term conservation program.

An area of 1,200 square meters of genetic databases at Sun Yat-sen, there is China's most genetic samples, the most comprehensive coverage of the Chinese white dolphins gene database, co-existence more than 120 stranded dolphins of the internal organs, skin and teeth samples, respectively. from Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Hong Kong dolphins hot water.

From our research see (dolphins) is relatively low genetic diversity, adaptability to the environment is relatively weak in the face of disease resistance is not strong enough, vulnerable to disease, survival is relatively high risk, but has not yet reached the brink of extinction (point).

The explanation is the Swire Institute of Oceanography, University of Hong Kong researcher Gu Licheng said that he expected the number of the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphins at an annual rate of 2.46 per cent decline. Data show that from 2006 to 2011, a total of 57 dolphins stranded in Hong Kong waters, the majority was found dead.

Hong Kong Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, said Deputy Director Wu Shoujian, these figures and projections is a serious warning, highlighting the urgency of conservation of Chinese White Dolphins. We developed a five-year plan of conservation of Chinese White Dolphins, coordinated through the waters adjacent to wish the Chinese White Dolphins, including a unified scientific research and technology, personnel training and public education on the different species of dolphins formulation of conservation strategies to ensure that the white Dolphin sustainability.

Ocean Park Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, established in 1993's "Ocean Park Conservation Foundation," established in 2005 and "Hong Kong Society for Panda Conservation" merger, focusing on conservation of dolphins and giant pandas and their habitat. Since its inception, the Conservation Fund has financed 50 Chinese white dolphin conservation project, involving sums of more than HK $ 6.1 million.

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