Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dolphin Kuro died at Niigata City Aquarium

Google Translation:
Marine Aquarium Sea Niigata Chuo 9 in female bottlenose dolphins estimated more than 24 years of age, died black. Since its opening in July 1990, showed a jump in such an exciting dolphin show, was a popular kids. Develop kidney disease last fall, had appeared in the dolphin show while continuing to fine up to five days of treatment.
February 2 black, caught in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Wakayama prefecture. Are brought into the museum on 21 May 2005, age 21 years 7 months was reared. The average age of death is said to bottlenose dolphins in the wild 7.5 years in captivity and in many cases that die in a few years, was long. Has grown from 260 cm length 299 cm at the time of loading, body weight increased 268 kilometers. Bottlenose Dolphin is now in the museum's head 3, which was only open from the time the female candy.
From dark black to affectionately as compared to other eastern dolphin's back. Since its opening, the ball and play catch dolphin trainer at the show, turn on the lip ring became popular, such as the pectoral fin to touch The touch of visitors. Among them is a big jump utilizing exciting, come and raise the spray is landing drew a standing ovation.
It is possible to touch the body, gentle summer school at the museum is also open your mouth The touch your teeth to the participants. Participates in basic research at the University of Japan, while still working well into the body by endoscopy and thermometers.

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