Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dolphin escapes from Xcaret

A dolphin Xcaret park property to bring it disappeared after training at sea. The whale was taken out to sea for training, but escaped from caregivers, in such a situation Sara Rincon Gallardo, president of the Humane Society, denounced the disappearance to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa). Rinc√≥n Gallardo said he received a complaint about the disappearance of the whale that was taken out to sea for training, but the animal has been in captivity since birth, is escaped. In more than 24 hours of his escape the animal had not been found, and in part to a helicopter search. 's complaint advocate emphasizes that the disappearance is made ​​known to the delegate of the Profepa, Pineapple Guy Herrera, and also review the conditions of the dolphins in the more than 10 dolphin found in Quintana Roo. The animal shelter said that to make such management with dolphins need a permit from the Department of Wildlife Semarnat.

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