Wednesday, 25 January 2012

In summer open Evpatoria biggest dolphinarium in Ukraine

In summer open Evpatoria biggest dolphinarium in Ukraine Simferopol. On January 25. Interfax-Ukraine- Evpatoria in completing the construction of a new dolphinarium, which will become the territory of Ukraine.

As reported Tuesday, the official website of Evpatoria city council, the Dolphinarium will be open by the beginning of the holiday season.

For a long time he worked on dolphin-based Evpatoria spas, which accounted for accommodation to rent. Construction of the new building began in 2009, it is located near the sea, at the intersection of Kiev, Moscow and Vladimir Mayakovsky.

As reported on the website, the auditorium being built dolphin is designed for 700 seats. In the center of a swimming pool at 2 cubic meters of water. Two more tanks are designed to hold pinnipeds. Their volume of 400 and 200 cubic meters. Was drilled through which the pool will come seawater. Roofing dolphin is in the form of the dome, and the central part of the pool during the warm season will always be open.

Another component of the new dolphin is a park area, landscaping is receiving special attention. Here were planted new trees established system of water supply, lighting, park laid track.
The collection of marine mammals will be updated. At the end of last year for dolphin acquired five sea lions brought from Russia. And in the coming days, our co-workers will meet a group of southern sea lions, which are imported from Chile. It is true that the lions in the first year will not speak, they only prepare for next season.

"The new dolphinarium will be another highlight of the resort, the modern tourist attraction. Dolphins will have a convenient demonstration pool, where they will be roomy and comfortable, and the audience - roomy wide platform with seats. In the summer of evpatoriytsy and visitors can admire the interesting ideas that perform trained dolphins - amazing smart and graceful marine mammals, "- said in a statement


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