Sunday, 22 January 2012

Illegal capture immediately stopped

Only recently Jungmun Seogwipo Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-Pacific Land and dolphin show, a fisherman for dolphin being traded illegally intercepted and turned out to be an endangered species dolphin Southern larger.

Two dolphins regulation International Whaling Convention (ICRW) in accordance with international protected species the Pacific, Japan has been living in the water. Jeju is the only domestic habitat, and there is only about 100 animals. Southern dolphin illegal trapping itself is a big problem, but the show is to imprison the captured dolphins are shocking: Coast Guard party committed the crime last July eoeopin and performances, and vendor representatives susaneopbeop booked on charges of violating said. Eoeopin the last year in August since 1990 in waters off Jeju Island and the Southern Operation Hooked on a large dolphin whenever the net without dropping to 26 7 to 10 million maridang palahon is accused of being a circle.

Officials performing companies also take over the train with them, or else the show as a tribute and exchange is accused of: a dolphin, because keeping a large moimin hatpingkeudolpinseu southern Jeju, life sunryedan ​​Peace Association, Writers of South Korea, Jeju Environmental Movement Union participation environment, Jeju press conference on the 20th Regiment, etc., performance, and Southern and the largest dolphin is still strongly condemned neglect, urged an immediate bangsaenghal. For current law to require that syojang punish officials said.


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