Friday, 30 December 2011

Young orca dies in Norway

He was down the shore in Grunnførfjorden Boxing Day to see how the area looked like after two powerful storms floer in winter, when he discovered the killer whales, writes Bladet Vesterålen.

- Then I saw something floating in the water. It looked totally confused. It tried to get up on land and swam only in the ring, says Lyngmo who believe the weather and strong currents have separated killer whale baby from the mother.

Died in pebbles
- We thought this was bad odds. And the next day was the killer whales found dead on the shore.

When taken Lyngmo tractor and drove it on land. Now the 2.25 meter long killer whales examined by scientists.

- What has happened is NOK likely that it has been born in an unfortunate place, where it has been separated from his mother. Usually there are several adults present, but just in that area, it has perhaps been taken off the power, says the orca researcher Tiu Similä.

If something had happened to her mother, would others in the herd taken over the responsibility.

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Will take DNA samples
- This is the first time I've heard about this. It is unique to find a young all alone. It was basically not a weak individual, for it fought well that we look at the video, says Similä who think the video was a sad sight.

Now, taking DNA samples to see which population it belongs. The researchers will also look for contaminants.

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