Monday, 19 December 2011

Po-Girl is expecting at Hualien Ocean Park

Christmas came the good news of happiness, well hung Ocean Park bottlenose dolphins - Bao-mei, good "pregnant" to, and is expected to meet the new life in the Christmas arrival of a baby dolphin, for the tenth anniversary of the Far Glory Park to bring good news , but also for the most beautiful Hualien, eastern Taiwan, adding "new residents."
In the 2010 year 10 month treasure the love of his sister to find the "boss", and in the same year, 11 months and passes him the good news, we should treasure pregnant sister when his mother, the good news so far male the Ocean Park, take a very excited mood, looking forward to the arrival of the baby dolphin.

Farglory Ocean Park team are also for that matter, in particular the United States and internationally renowned Georgia Aquarium, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Hong Kong Ocean Park, close to the exchange of experiences, and Shedd Aquarium are also sent with 30 years of experience in dolphin feeding animal experts, many came to the scene with FG Ocean Park team to share their experiences with technology transfer, and to develop "dolphin family planning" to do well prepared to welcome the arrival of new life.

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