Thursday, 29 December 2011

Kirara and Nagasaki sea finless porpoises in Omura Bay Ecological Survey

Dolphin friend that is specified in the Red Data Book of endangered species in the Fisheries Agency and the County, Sasebo aquarium Kujuku Island has been a joint investigation for finless porpoises (Kirara Sea) and Nagasaki on August 28 sufficient 鹿子前 queued for city Visitor Center released a study that Kushima. And the possibility that long-term decline in populations revealed varying ecological habitats and seasonally.

The study, Nature Conservation Society of Japan (Tokyo) for about one year from October to November this year received a grant from 2010, conducted throughout the Omura Bay. Research vessel ▽, experimental sound effects device that hate ▽ ▽ finless porpoises washed ashore dead sighting surveys of populations of land in 10 locations - through ecological examined.

For many years, published the results of the Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University professor Masao Amano continues to research and finless porpoises. Population of finless porpoises in Omura Bay is inhabited by about 300 head, including gill net to take from the data of the head that killed an average 4.8 years, "death to maintain the current population has exceeded the number may have decreased over the long term, "he said.

Check the many individuals along the coast in the spring breeding season, as well as referral data showing the different habitats in each season. Experimental effects of sound equipment is installed in the nets, "one or two months, but have the effect of driving away, gradually accustomed. Such as gill net fishing in early spring, when using the short-term effects can be expected," etc. was.

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