Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Rare whale strands

A rare species of whale was found dead in the late afternoon on Tuesday Cidreira, north coast of Rio Grande do Sul The animal, which belongs to the family of cetaceans known as whale-of-Cuvier beaked (Ziphius cavirostris ). She was almost in the sand when it was located by the Study Group for Aquatic Mammals of the Rio Grande do Sul (Gemars), researchers report.
According to Paulo Henrique Ott, a professor at State University of Rio Grande do Sul (UERGS) and researcher at Gemars, the animal measures about six feet and weighs about a ton and a half.
- I work in research for 20 years and had never seen this animal here in Rio Grande do Sul Now we know more about the habits of the species - he said.
The researchers make a series of tests with the animal before burying it on the beach. According to Ott, the beaked whales, family Ziphiidae have oceanic habits and live in deep waters far from the coast.
- This type of whale is so rare that we have little information about it. From this whale, let's try to understand the reasons that brought him here - Ott said.
According to the researcher, the animal was not attached to fishing nets...

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