Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dolphins: New Baby, "what we grew up safely" - / Kagoshima Aquarium Kagoshima

Kagoshima Aquarium Kagoshima teak dolphin was pregnant with (estimated 9 years) 9 night, gave birth. Pregnant dolphins in the museum but last four cases, and stillbirth or death shortly after birth both in the museum director Kotaro Ogino, "what we are becoming the safe," he said.

 Teak has been confirmed rupture of membranes around 5 pm Friday, at 8:00 pm birth. In females the estimated length 120cm, body weight was 20 kg. In footage shot by the museum, how to breathe and the water up themselves soon after birth the baby dolphin was seen as hit and how to protect the teak walls of the tank. Around 5:00 am on October 10 was first observed feeding.

 In the museum has four horses, including pregnant females head out of five teak in captivity, will continue to give birth until about next May. The dolphin is pregnant more than once rare in the country says. Dolphins live to cases born in one year, however about 20% of the domestic aquarium. Ogino Director "until it is well said, now must be overcome to some mountains. Hope you watch carefully," he said. Kurosawa [Keitaro]

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